Is there a way to create an auto-responder upon work completion?

Hi folks,

We recently migrated to Asana. Our old system had email responses built into the request forms for folks external to the system. The requester would receive a confirmation that their request was submitted and a notification when their job was completed. We receive a high-volume of quick turn requests, so we really need some automated way to notify folks their work has been completed instead of a manual email each time. Anyone find a workaround here? Or perhaps there’s just a feature I’m totally overlooking.


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Hi @James_Cochran, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

This currently not available within Asana but I think you could achieve this with Flowsana, could you please confirm @Phil_Seeman? :slight_smile: thank you!

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Hi @James_Cochran,

Yes, as @Emily_Roman mentioned, my Flowsana integration can do what you’re wanting.

Here’s what you would do:

First, create a Forms Support workflow for the request form, the critical part being to check the highlighted option to add the submitter as a Collaborator:

(You might also want to use the “Send email confirmation to the form submitter” functionality; Asana also sends a confirmation but it’s canned, whereas here you can customize the subject and body of the email that gets sent.)

Then, create the following Flowsana rule for the form’s project:

That rule will send an email to the task’s collaborators when the task is marked complete.

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This is incredibly helpful, thanks @Phil_Seeman (and @Emily_Roman for the connection). I’m going to share this internally with the team. We’re in the higher education, so adopting integrations is never as easy as it should be :slight_smile: But hopefully we can get the wheels turning soon. Thanks!

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Phil, one question here: we’re trying to generate auto-responses for folks EXTERNAL to Asana. See Step 4 below.
Step 1: Client completes form submission.
Step 2: Client receives automated message noting receipt.
Step 3: Team completes client request. Team marks complete in Asana.
Step 4: Client receives automated message noting completion.

I’m in Flowsana now, but it seems like the workflow mentioned in your comment works only for folks who have seats in Asana. Correct? Again, thanks for the help here. Very much appreciated!

Ah, sorry, @James_Cochran, you’re correct.

Being able to send to external email addresses is on the Flowsana roadmap, but not sure when it’ll get added. (It’ll work by being able to specify a custom field as a notification recipient, and then you can put the form submitter’s email address into that custom field as part of the form submission.)

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Roger that. Thanks again, Phil!