Google form integration

I followed this guide - Google Forms and Asana • Asana Product Guide
I get an email when someone submit a form, but it doesn’t log into my Asana project, why is that?

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Hi @Michal_Schreiber

It’s been a while since I set one of these up, but I believe the sender’s email address has to be one that’s associated with their Asana account, and they must have access to your project within Asana.

That could be the first place to start.

Our goal is to use a Google Form to for our store GMs to submit change requests. Our store Owners and GMs are not in Asana, just our corporate staff. So far we have not been able to get the Google Form > Asana integration to work as a result. Asana keeps rejecting the task creation.

Any ideas or workarounds?

Hi @AjD - I think your instinct to use a form integration is great. This definitely makes it easier for people who aren’t in Asana. We definitely want to help you find a solution to this Google Forms integration issue. Could you please send a screenshot of the form and then the result when you try to forward the info to Asana? What are you seeing when you say “Asana keeps rejecting the task creation.”

You may interested in the Wufoo form integration as an alternative, as well.