Google forms - how do sync with asana?


How do I connect my forums to creat projects in asana?


What do you need to do exactly?


We have many different google forms for different projects. Once a form is submitted I would like it to create a project from one of my templates and place all the information in the description. I was told by Asana I would not have to pay extra for this feature when I upgraded to premium.


Here is what you are looking for I believe:


Yes, this looks right. However, it seems I have to Pay extra. Is that true?


@Ricardo_de_Masi, the integration for Google forms works by using email notifications - an add-on created by Digital Inspiration. I believe the email notifications for Google forms is free for 2 forms. After that you can pay $29.00/year for unlimited amount of email notifications for Google forms.

Here’s a little more about the integration and how to set it up.
And here’s where you can find out more about email notifications from Digital Inspiration:


Thanks. I am just a little mad about this. When I researched and pitched this I was told by a Rep this was all included. I know it’s not a ton of money but since my company is a pain about paying for things it creates a whole headache of my going back to ask for it after I told them the feature was part of the purchase.


I’m sorry. I understand. I paid the $29 out of my pocket for us to use it because my organization can’t pay for add-ons either but I understand that’s not an option for everyone.

A workaround could be not using the email notifications and simply set a weekly reminder task for yourself to check the Google form results on Google itself. You could save the latest results to your hard drive then attach it the Asana project or add the results to Google Drive and attach it to the Asana project via the “attach” option.


Hi all, Jerrin from Asana support here.

I do want to state there is a free way to integrate your Google Form with Asana. It works by sending the responses to the Asana project email, which would make a task in the project. You can find instructions on this here:

There is a paid version through which is mentioned, and the highlight of that is the ability to fill out Custom Fields with your forms.

I hope this helps!


@jerrin, so are you saying there are 2 ways to integrate Google forms: 1) Email Notifications for Forms by Digital Inspiration and 2)

I was unaware of the option but that’s great to know.

I was speaking directly to my experience with option 1 (I just paid the fee for multiple integrations last week) but if I am incorrect, someone please let me know.

I guess the next step for me is to investigate to determine if it is a free service and if you can integrate an unlimited number of forms.

Thank you for your help.


Suddenly I am not receiving email notifications from my Google Forms. Instead, I’m receiving a direct email from Asana stating:

We couldn’t process your email because it was sent by, but your email domain is
Please contact your email admin to update your mail server’s email settings.

Is anyone familiar with this? The way I currently have it set up is through Email Notifications via Digital Inspiration and the email rule is set to forward to the project’s email address.


This is odd! I’ll check with my support team to see if there’s a known issue.


@Crystal_Alifanow, here’s what I learned -

We use SPF checking to prevent people from sending forged tasks and comments to the app. This means that when we receive an incoming email, we check the SPF record by looking up the ip address of the email origin and seeing if its listed on email records for the sender’s host.

Because SPF records are sometimes not maintained properly, our SPF checks may fail. In these cases, we do try to check if the user was previously sending emails that did indeed pass (if so, it may be that the user’s email account was compromised, for example).

What I believe is happening here is that the IP address for the mail server sending the email is not listed in the SPF record. I think your company probably added a new mail server but didn’t update their SPF records to match. That said, you’ll have to work with your IT Team or your email provider to update your SPF records.

Not the ideal outcome here but I hope this gives you a sense of direction and a concrete next step. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!


Okay. Thanks, Alexis!
We are going through a transition now through June for centralized technology services organization-wide so it must have something to do with that. :frowning: