Google Form Integration Not Working


My Google Form does not create a new task when a submission is completed. I followed the steps in the Help section but I think they need to be updated because the windows were not exact.

I need to get this fixed today. Are there Asana tech support people listening in this community to help with urgent needs?


Hi @Vatrice_Chestnut and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

I just liaised with my colleagues from support and I believe I have a solution to your problem. What you can do is have your form to go to a forwarder@ email address; you can then add this forwarder email to your Asana project and set an automatic rule for every email sent to forwarder@ to be forwarded in Asana. It will take you a few minutes to set it up, but will allow you to automatically create a task in Asana every time your clients fill up your Google Form: Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create your form and link it to an email address set up on purpose.

  2. Invite this email address to the project where tasks should be created

  3. Go to the project to which you would like to mail tasks and grab the URL from the page:<Project_ID>/29159948xxx18

The first string(between the /'s) is the Project ID.

  1. Go to the Gmail settings for ""

  2. Set up a filter or auto-forwarding of everything to x+<Project_id>

  3. Send confirmation email.

  4. Check the <876319xxx79> project in Asana for a confirmation email.

  5. Take the confirmation code and paste it into the Gmail confirmation box in forwarder@ settings.

Submit emails all day!

Just in case you’re not using a Google account, here is how you can create your forwarder@ account with Microsoft and Yahoo:

Hope this helps!


May I have a phone call to discuss this? When you market a sauna is integrating with Google forms, these instructions do not imply true integration. There way too many steps involved. Integration don’t require this level of work. I feel like I was mislead by your marketing.