Sub Task Due Dates in Calendar and List?

update, I figured out some round-abouts, and enjoying asana for now at my infancy stage.

I absolutely agree!

I cannot underscore the importance of this one, conceptually simple idea: as a project manager of multiple projects and several staff members, it’s workflow that matters. You need to see all the main tasks and steps to those tasks to visualize, prioritize and delegate effectively. Furthermore, there are many ways to use Asana. I often actually use the main “task” (card, since I use the board view) as a category, and the “sub-tasks” are actually main tasks. For example, the “task” will be something like, Blah Proposal, or Tunisia Project, or whatever conceptual grouping makes sense. It is the sub-tasks that will have dates I need to see. And the sub-tasks of sub-tasks. And the sub-tasks of…you get the picture. If I had to turn every sub-task into a top-level task to be “seen” on a calendar, I would have 8 MILLION cards, lose my sanity and all ability to organize, visually and in practice. Just do it? We’re all begging. I left Trello for Asana because of the many smart things you do that Trello didn’t. I don’t understand this strange oversight. Anything with a date should show up on the calendar. Or give users a way to choose or filter what “levels” appear… Thank you!


This thread is about to become an advert for competing companies. I’ve really enjoyed Asana but is a total embarrassment to see the disregard they have for the customer base. It’s not rocket science, have a toggle that allows the project calendar to either show the project subtasks, or not show the subtasks.

My personal note to anyone from Asana, and I’m fairly sure I speak for most here. Take consideration for what your users are requesting. It makes your platform better, and it shows that you’re adding value to project managers. Ignoring stuff like this will be a clear path to loosing users to alternative platforms that are actually dealing with these important developments.

Please. Make the toggle.


I was hoping I was missing something! This is a a huge drawback not being able to have subtask dates in the calendar. I’m trying out Asana, but before I go much further, does anyone know of a similar project management app that has this feature?


wow, we are using Asana in the office but if such a simple thing like this can’[t be addressed in almost THREE years…doesn’t bode well for when we really have an issue.


I use multiple project management app with various clients. The lack of being able to see subtasks on the calendar is my main issue with Asana as well. ClickUp surpasses Asana as far as the customization of their views. I can easily change my calendar view to show subtasks on ClickUp. Not sure why it has yet to be incorporated.

Adding a big plus 1 for this. We’ve just moved to Asana, and there’s lots that I love. But, we’re using it produce video shows. We have a project for the show. Each episode is its own entity with subtasks (planning, recording, editing, etc). We’re discovering that we can’t have that model in Asana. :frowning_face:

Jumping on here too! This is a huge limitation. Where is this on the roadmap?

Just want to add my name to the list of people who are perplexed that the due dates of subtasks aren’t seen on the calendar or list. Looking forward to a solution.

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Adding our name to the list. We desperately need subtask dates to show up on the calendar. Without that capability, Asana will be useless for us.


This would be really nice to have!

If you go to the teams button and go to the top where it says calendar, it will show subtasks on the calendar. Very nice workaround, but still needs to be incorporated in the project-level calendar.

I don’t understand how sub-tasks are still not showing on the project calendar view. What is the point of being able to add due dates?! So frustrating. Please add this functionality!

Noting that this makes the timeline and calendar views almost unusable for a Product Roadmap (or any other template) using milestones The default Roadmap template is list view, Product Roadmap Template • Asana but in other places Asana also recommends using timelines to show progress (New: Asana’s Milestones help you visualize project progress)

Knee deep in projects that use milestones, it turns out that all that work cannot be used visually on a calendar.

I honestly cannot believe that Asana does not add your Sub-task due date to the calendar.
I thought this was a task management application.
How are you supposed to manage your tasks, when your sub-tasks deadlines cannot be viewed…

It is honestly idiotic that they have not fixed this. Especially when this issue has been complained about for 3 years now.

Come on Asana… Show that you at least care about your application, customer feedback, and user-friendliness of your software.

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If I may ask.
Where is this “teams” button?

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know it’s currently possible to see subtasks in List view: You can now see and action subtasks directly from your Project task list!.

In regards to Calendar view, I recommend you to vote for this feature here: Subtasks in Calendar view - #8 by Bastien_Siebman We will also make sure to post any updates in the main feedback thread :slight_smile: Thanks for all the feedback you have shared in this thread too!

Hi @Scott_Bruton1! Teams are currently available for Organizations and you can find the option to create new teams here:

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 10.24.58