Subtask Due Date- filtering/presenting

Can I filter the tasks by their due date BUT include sub-tasks’ due date?

for example:
The main task due date is next month, but one of its sub-tasks due date is next week. I want Asana to show me all tasks (including sub-tasks) that their due date is next week.

Thanks for the helpers.

First, welcome to the Forum!

In My Tasks, you will see any task you’ve assigned yourself, no matter if task of subtask and there you can sort by Due Date.

Apart from that you can create yourself a second project and add the subtask to that project (Tab+P) for a visibility of your choice.

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Hi Veles, happy to join. Thanks!

I would like to present the status and due date of all the tasks and sub-tasks in my project (regardless if I assigned myself or someone else)

I thought it would be pretty straightforward but these options do not seem to exist:

  1. Dashboard- add a chart with filter by the due date, that includes all project’s sub-tasks as well
  2. List/Board view- apply the same filter as described above

I have a Premium account, might it be the reason?


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Hi @Ido_Dueiv, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

TO achieve this, you will need to add the subtask to the project manually. A subtask does not automatically inherit a parent tasks’ project and show won’t show on the List view unless you specifically choose to do so.

Simply open the subtask and use the Tab + P shortcut to add the subtasks to the project. This way, when sorting by Due Date, the parents task and subtasks will all be shown in chronological order :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

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