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I want to create a view of everything that my team is working on in a given week. I’ve figured out that using a saved search I’m able to show both subtasks and main tasks, so I’ve got that work around. What I’m trying to solve for now is how to show all tasks/ subtasks that are due M-F of that week. When using the “due date is in within the next 5 days” filter, that means the list is only accurate on Monday, and any other day of the week, the list will omit some tasks/subtasks for that week and show others for the following week.

I know I can use “due date is between X and Y”; however, that means I need to create a new saved search link each week. Has anyone figured out any other way to do this?

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I think this feedback request thread might be interesting:m for you to upvote Hourly, weekly, daily - calendar views for projects please :-)

Also how about setting up graphs under the reporting feature? See the first image added here: New! Create custom charts in project Dashboards to get more visibility into your team's work

Not sure if you also want to monitor the workload, if so take a look here.

Would that help?

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