Feature Request: Calendar View - Tasks by Date Completed



Having the calendar view is great for seeing upcoming due dates, but for productivity reviews, our team could really benefit from being able to see when tasks were actually completed


@ithinkson While I don’t think you can get the actual completion date without going through the API, completion date is a field in Advanced Searches where you can specify things like completed in the last 10 days, etc. You then can click the Calendar on the Advanced Search.


Hi @lhinkson -

This is possible!

I’d recommend creating an Advanced Search and searching for completed tasks with an X time frame. From there, you can then view the tasks in the calendar view. I’d then recommend saving this search view!

@James_Carl - you were right on the money.


Thanks both! This is very helpful


I think this is related: it would also be great if for tasks that had no dates set to them, they would show up in calendar view on their completed date. This again would not help planning but would help in tracking personal/team progress. (let me know if I should post this as a new topic)