New! Create custom charts in project Dashboards to get more visibility into your team's work

Hey Asana Community!

I’m Ben from the product marketing team at Asana working with our reporting team. We know that when you don’t have visibility into your team’s work, projects shift off track, deadlines are missed, and team productivity suffers. That’s why we launched project Dashboards in September, giving users the ability to visualize and understand the state of their team’s work in real-time. After reading through your feedback and further understanding the types of insights you wanted to uncover, the team is excited to announce our latest reporting feature improvement—a fully customizable Dashboard and custom chart creation!

Now when you navigate to any of your projects’ Dashboard tab, you can add, edit, and remove charts as you please. Use the chart builder to choose your chart type (donut, bar, lollipop, number), group the sets of data as needed, and add filters so you get the right level of information in your chart. As you make these changes, the chart preview on the left will show you what the chart will look like.

On the Dashboard surface itself, change the ordering of the charts and move your most important ones to the top. If you have a chart with multiple sections or bars, click on the expand arrows of the individual chart to see the full picture.

One of the most important aspects of Asana’s Dashboards is that the insights you uncover are actionable. If your charts tell you something is off and you want to dig deeper to take action, just click on that slice of information in the chart and we’ll take you to the underlying task data. No more spending hours trying to diagnose why something looks off and what you need to do about it.

When you get this visibility into your team’s work, you not only feel confident about the state of your team’s work, you also feel empowered knowing how to keep your team’s work on track.

To learn more about this new reporting functionality, check out our updated Asana Guide article.

As always, we love hearing feedback from you, so comment below on what you’re excited about and how we can further improve on the way you report out on work. We’ve got more, exciting reporting updates in the future, so keep an eye out for when they go live!


Exceptional work! Dashboards takes another great leap with this update, and wonderful that Asana even has future Dashboard tricks up their sleeve too!



Well done! Looking forward to see what’s coming. And thanks for this update!


Very cool feature. In another topic I asked for a burn up / down chart with story points, but with this new feature I still don’t seem to be able to produce this (since a time axis option is missing). Any plans for something like this?

@Emily_Roman I don’t have an Add Chart button. I did log off & log back on! Is this feature fully rolled out right now?

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I also do not have the “Add Chart” button. We are on the “business” tier, so it should be available according to the info. Please advise, thank you!

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I also do not have the “Add Chart” button. We are an Enterprise User, so this feature should be available. I see other users are having the same issue. Can you please let us know how to solve this problem.? Thank you

I logged out and logged back in and now I see the “Add Chart” button. However, now the “Create” button isn’t working. Any tips


Same here, logging out and in brought the Add Chart button for me.

@Heather_Plumb , I saw that “create” button grayed out when I didn’t enter a title for the chart, perhaps the same for you?

@Heather_Plumb @Christopher_Milburn Great questions! We’re still rolling out this feature to all Asana users, and everyone will have access to it by later this afternoon. In terms of creating a chart, a title is required in order to save it.

Hope this helps!


Love this new functionality, great job guys!

I’d love for the ability to be able to clone existing charts, will make creating new ones much more seamless.

Additionally, having the ability to pull charts into status reports would be game changing!

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Fantastic work!. Curious as to colour palette of charts. Any chance they could use different colours instead of mulitple hues of blue? Or even better, use the colour already associated with a custom field?


@Bennet_Jeutter thanks for flagging! I see what you mean, this option is currently not available. I’ve reopened the thread and you can add your votes here:

@Julian_Rapattoni, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I. don’t think we have an existing thread in our #productfeedback category for this feature, do you mind creating one so everyone can vote? :slight_smile: thanks!

@Mark_Nattress this is something we’re planning to launch soon! I’ll update this thread as soon as it’s available! Thanks for your feedback.

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The greyed-out Create Button may be a result of not adding a name yet.

Great work team. Love this. Looking forward to watching it continue to evolve.

Feature requests/suggestions:

  1. Reporting on metrics over time, similar to the default Completed Tasks Over Time report.
  2. Additional control over report module grid (width, height and interlocking), X and Y axis flipping, color controls.
  3. Table Report, to show the names of tasks in a list, with values like hours in the table.
  4. Similar Dashboard to build reports across multiple projects. Oh baby!

Now if you just give a link to the Dashboard view like you do forms that will be BRILLIANT!!

Executives don’t always want to get into Asana but believes in Asana and wants the work tracked there. However, they want to see the progress without going into Asana.

If I could set up a webpage with this embedded I could report without the need for anyone to log in.

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It would be great if these charts could visually display percentages on the donut chart and exact counts on the graphs, especially when exported since now exports are very simple and don’t provide many insights. You can hover over and see it in Asana, but this isn’t the easiest/fastest and still makes it difficult to capture a quick snapshot for reporting.

It would be great to have a stacked graph option as well. Example: I have a list of test scenarios assigned to testers. I want a chart showing y-axis=task count, x-axis=tester, and stacked is maybe a custom field like pass/fail/not started.

This another brilliant progress to this feature! Thanks for sharing @Ben_Watkins

Dashboard have a great potential to be used and this is a great step to maximise its usage. :pray:t4: Thank you


Thanks all for your feedback, all those ideas are great! If you are interested, you can also create new threads for these requests in our #productfeedback category so other customers can support your ideas and upvote!