New! Create dashboards and charts across projects and teams

Hi Asana Community!

Wish there was an easier way to get visibility into all your team’s work? Ever wanted to report across projects and teams but had difficulty visualizing that progress? My name is Ben and I’m a Product Marketing Manager on the Asana Insights team. We’re excited to announce the launch of Universal Reporting, giving you real-time, actionable insights into your teams’ progress across the entire organization.

We’re launching a new Reporting page on the lefthand bar. From this page, you can quickly spin up dashboards and charts that give you real-time information on work progress, budget, timing, and more! The best part is, these dashboards can report on any number of projects you choose. Report on projects from a specific team, from certain Portfolios, or with a specific owner. You can also individually pick and choose specific projects to report on.

To help you quickly create charts with the best insights, we developed a new chart template library. You can use these templates as a starting point or create charts from scratch using our recently improved charts customization. Filter and group data to your heart’s content and use different colors to create a dashboard that makes a splash.

Once you’ve created the charts you want, you can then share the entire dashboard with anyone else on your team through Asana. Use this to keep everyone on the same page, and easily share out on the progress of different initiatives. If someone wants to better understand the details, they can click on any part of a chart to view the underlying data. Whether it’s requesting headcount, adjusting timelines, or increasing the budget, Asana makes it easy to diagnose and take action before issues arise.

We’re excited to further the power of Asana’s work management platform with this visibility into progress on any stream of work!

This feature will be available to Premium, Business, and Enterprise users. We’re rolling it out to teams today through May 28th. For more tips on how to use the feature, check out the Guide article. And as always, let us know your thoughts and feedback! What are some insights you’re excited to find? Who do you plan to share your dashboards with? The possibilities are endless!


Really beautiful job with this, @Ben_Watkins and team. Bravo!



Excited that you’re excited, @lpb! Just to clarify, this feature is available on the Premium, Business, and Enterprise tier. Looking forward to hearing how you’re taking advantage of Reporting.


Whoops…corrected my post; thanks!


I am beyond thrilled! This is an answer to my prayers - I can’t wait to test this out!
Thank you!


Thrilled to see this!


This looks great, I :heart: visualisations


Fantastic feature! :star_struck:

@Emily_Roman , I wrote Japanese article :jp:

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Well done! Think this is another game changer. Especially the linking though to a search.
This helps keeping everyone on the same page.


Amazing post! Thanks for translating and posting this in the Japanese Forum, @Kenichi :star:


Thanks Ben, really excited about this!


Awesome stuff, Ben!


This is awesome! Is there a way to use an existing saved search in a report?

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Saw this in our account today and I can’t wait to give it a try! Looks like something I have been wanting and needing for a while.


Not yet. I am also waiting on the ability to migrate a chart from a project dashboard or duplicate a chart :slight_smile:


L’ho visto oggi nel nostro account e non vedo l’ora di provarlo! Sembra qualcosa che desideravo e di cui avevo bisogno per un po.

looks good

Very excited about this update! Can’t wait to try this out across the teams in my organization!

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This looks great!

One of the ways I’d love to use this is for an overview of resourcing. Is there a way to add a filter for a date RANGE, rather than dates by completion/creation/due? If I want to see all work within a certain timeframe (not just what it is due in the next 2 weeks) it doesn’t seem as though I’m able to.


this give me life!!! thanks for this; :grinning: