New! Create dashboards and charts across projects and teams

will we be able to report off the tags used on cards?

I’m liking it. However, project templates are showing up in the charts and shouldn’t be.


I have to admit I’m a bit lukewarm on this update. Some global reporting was much needed but Charts are just not my favorite way to summarize data. I realize the charts have drill down… and that is nice. But building a query and displaying summary information in a tabular output as a dash widget woulve have been great.

Is there a way to create one dashboard and use it as a template across multiple portfolios or users? I want to create a dashboard for each of our employees and it would be much easier if I could create 1 dashboard as a “template” and then just duplicate it and change the filters to reflect the different employees. I don’t see a way to do this currently and I’m guessing that it will be coming in future updates unless it is there and I just haven’t found it. Thanks!

I love this because it provides CEO and team leads a great way to understand the project health and to follow up.

Will there be an option for more dashboard customization?

@Ben_Davis1, In case you’re not already familiar maybe some of the many outputs, or custom ones of your own, of Asana2Go would be of interest to you. It’s sort of the antithesis of Universal Reporting and makes a nice complement to it:



We need this as well. For us MVP would be select a specific range, i.e. June 1 - June. Without this, it’s non-functional for our use-case.

More ideal would be a “Next Month” option, i.e. we’re now in June so show July dates. This would mean the dashboard would always be relevant without the need to manage it.

Also, we need to be able to filter by words or by this project but not that project, ala Advanced Search. Hoping this functionality is added.

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Love the new dashboards feature!

One thing I’d love is being able to filter charts by tasks due this week (i.e. the current week Mon-Sun)

Anyone else having issues with the reports pulling “private projects” or archived projects? Doesn’t seem to be an effective way to pull the data I actually want to see without manually inputting 30+ projects…

Hi @Danielle_Cap! Not at the moment, but you can currently filter by Completion date, Creation date or Due date within the last X days or within the next X days. I recommend you creating a new thread in the #productfeedback category to request a “Between” option so other customers can also upvote! Thanks for your feedback.

@Laura_Vazquez, the reporting feature currently doesn’t support tags but custom fields.

Thanks for flagging this, @Aaron_Paul and @kbuchanio ! I’ll make sure to share this feedback with the product team so we can consider it when planning updates for this feature.

@Matt_Dickinson @Ashley_Shuler Hopefully we will implement more dashboard customization and templates in future updates! :tada:

Thanks you so much and thank you for making it available to SMEs. Lack of access to dashboards was the only major disappointment with our subscription until now.

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It’s very easy to set up some basic reporting for my small team. However, I can’t get a report to show the correct information. I have a report that shows overdue tasks for assignees, and that works, but a report showing tasks with a due date within the next 7 days includes overdue tasks. I’ve tried replacing the due date filter with the Upcoming status filter but it still shows overdue tasks. Is it a limitation of the logic or am I not using the correct filters? Many thanks for any help!

Duplicating would be very nice!


Hi @Kevin_Graham, thanks fo reaching out! If you are having trouble setting up your charts and reports, I recommend you reaching out to our support team and sharing some screenshots of the issues. URLs of the tasks that should show in your report can be very helpful as well to help us investigate further. You can contact them following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I totally need this feature and opened the topic for voting.


Thanks Emily. After consulting with the support team, we agreed that it’s not possible to exclude overdue tasks when setting up a report to show upcoming tasks. Hopefully, Asana will fix that.

Thanks for sharing this information here, @Kevin_Graham! hopefully we will solve this in future updates.

Great to see. Appreciate this is a first implementation, so look forward to seeing it grow and expand out to areas like portfolios.

Reporting has been the only real lacking feature we’ve found using Asana in our business. After implementation there was a lot of messing and heartache setting up APi’s and then reporting layouts that in the end just didn’t work right or feel right, and our project team are just exporting from Asana into excel and creating manual reports.

We use portfolios as a layer of capturing all projects and their status, so when reporting comes to there, will remove a big manual effort in our process.

I’m glad to see it, you have a great platform that is a really strong user experience and happy to see your taking reporting on within the platform itself, I’m confident it will end up better and more useable then the current API based methods.

As much as our implementation, and messaging around Asana is a bottom up approach, that we focus on the person managing tasks and projects, there is the reality that somewhere a manager or executive needs reporting to know status, priorities, blockers etc.

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Yaaay! Is there a way to report on “rescheduled tasks”? I want to get data on how often this happens, how many tickets, etc…

I set up portfolios and then picked the portfolio option