Introducing Dashboards - a new way to see real-time project data in charts!

Hi Asana Community!

I’m Ben, a Product Marketing Manager at Asana. You may have noticed that Asana has made many recent investments in reporting tools and functionality, including updates to project and Portfolio Status, and the introduction of charts in Status. These were stepping stones towards one of our most exciting reporting updates this year. I’m so proud to announce the launch of Dashboards, a brand new tab in projects that lets you visualize your team’s work in beautiful, real-time charts.

Available for all Premium users and up, you can now see your project data automatically populated into different types of charts. Use drop down options to customize the chart views and quickly understand if things are on track or at risk. Best of all, you can use these charts to tell a more visual story about progress. Download any of the charts as a PNG to use in your next Status report, email, or presentation.

What kinds of information can you glean from these charts? Look at tasks by completion status to get a quick pulse on the project’s health. View incomplete tasks by section to see if there are bottlenecks in your workflow. Or check complete tasks by assignee to see who on the project has been crushing it!

Next time you want to know the current state of your project’s work, visit the Dashboard tab on that project and understand how things are going in seconds!

To learn more about this awesome new feature, check out the Asana Guide article. This feature is currently rolling out to users and will be at 100% by Thursday. As always, we love hearing feedback from you, so comment below on what you think and what you’re most excited about!


This looks awesome - when will it be available? I just logged out and in some seconds ago, cleared all my cookies but to no avail :frowning: We’re on a business plan right now.

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Hi @Lukas_Kerecz, this feature is currently rolling out to users and will be at 100% by Thursday. We will post an update in this thread once is available to all customers :slight_smile:


Excited for this to be developed more. Does the future roadmap include modules we can add or remove from the dashboard?


Hi @Richard_Uruchurtu! We’re just debuting our new Dashboard tab and we’ll be working to improve it in the future! In the meantime, make sure to log this request in the #productfeedback category so we can keep track of it and keep you updated once we have any news about it!

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Love this but wondering if the scope could focus on my team rather than project. What I want to look at is the team overall and all the projects they are working on. The project only focus is great but we have hundreds to go through.


Thanks for your feedback @Rick_Montero! I’ve taken note of all the feedback shared so far, but if you’d like to share more I’d highly recommend creating a new thread in our #productfeedback category so we can track votes from other users as well! :slight_smile: Thanks again!


Hi all!

Just a quick update to let you know this update is available to all our customers! :tada: For more information on how to use this feature, check out our Asana Guide article:


Hi Ben, that looks great. Would you be able to comment on this request - has 566 votes and there are hundreds in the community that would really appreciate some guidance from Asana on this. This thread has been going for 2 years, with hundreds of comments in place and please to Asana, and absolutely no input or comment from Asana. I and everyone else would appreciate anything you can share.

Sorry the link is: Timeline - Schedule Subtasks

@Ben_Watkins, On a call with a Asana consulting clients this morning reviewing the new Project Dashboard feature, we noticed that it changes your own Dashboard view out from under you when someone else changes their view. That is if you’re looking at Project A’s Dashboard view and another person is too and they change the bar chart, your bar chart updates without your having asked it to.

This is a little disconcerting now when it changes. Also, I don’t think users currently expect that changing their view would change another’s view (I didn’t, and my clients didn’t, for example).

Is it expected that, one day, you will add the “Save layout as default” treatment as used with other views?



This looks beautiful, but why do your reports only ever cover complete vs. incomplete? It’s a completely meaningless statistic and only ever leads to ill-informed decisions. Have you guys finally built functionality to track time estimates, story points, or any other type of equivalent?

Burn up/down charts are such a basic and fundamental piece of project management, and Asana is always so close, yet never actually crosses the last few steps needed to implement them…


Most exciting update I’ve read this week! Awesome to see some useful views of the volume and nature of the work coming through.

I’d love to see more cross account / aggregated options in the future - it’s the only big gap in Asana for me :grin:

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I like it that is for sure, but at the stage it is launched I personally do not find any added value to it. It is just basic statistics, which eventually do not mean anything unless you dig deep, and if you dig deep you don’t need them.

I think there are a lot more things that need to be added here and for sure it will be done at some point. But looking how Asana keeps launching new views, and seeing the rate those views are improved I am not hopeful. Unfortunately for me one more thing we pay for which is needless and a lot of issues keep being missed on other views, which we also “being improved soon since we just launched them”


Well said Ivan! Feels similar to Goals. Good to know Asana is “working on it” but currently really doesn’t add any value… Not sure if it’d be better to just say “we’re working on goals / dashboards, here’s a preview” instead of releasing these half baked bits?

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Hi everyone! :wave:

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this detailed feedback with us, it will be extremely useful to help our team iterate on this feature in the future!

@lpb, as it stands, if you update your Dashboard, any changes will be visible to everyone who has access to the project so this is currently working as expected. Sounds like a great opportunity to create a new #productfeedback thread and get the Community to support your feature request.

@Keith_Guerrette, this is our first shot at Dashboards and based on your feedback we will work on some iterations over the next couple of months, so thanks for sharing your experience with us!

@IvanStaykov and @Tanner_Wilson we appreciate your feedback, thanks for taking the time to share it with us. We’re always working on launching iteration faster, stay tuned for the future updates, one thing we can promise is that you’ll be first to know in the Forum :slight_smile:

@Rob_Cooper1 we’re aware this is a popular request, and I hope this is something we can implement in the future. I can’t promise when or to which extent this will be implemented just yet, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted in the Forum as soon as I have some update on this topic.

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Thanks for the great community involvement Emily! Looking forward to seeing these features develop into something useful <3

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Thanks @Emily_Roman. I added:

in case anyone wants to vote.


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Great start!

Sent in my feedback with several suggestions.

BTW, why don’t I get an email with the feedback I sent in?