New! Portfolio dashboard - real-time clarity and visibility into your work

Hi Asana Community!

My name is Sonya Kori and I’m a Product Marketing Manager here at Asana. I’m very excited to share a new feature, Portfolio Dashboards!

We’re adding Dashboards to Portfolios, similar to the Project Dashboard experience, but upleveled for Portfolio views. You will be able to streamline tracking and managing the health and status of projects, obtain real-time clarity and visibility into your work, and turn data into actionable insights directly within the Portfolios tab.

Use Portfolio Dashboards To:

  • Monitor the work of one or more projects and identify constraints or roadblocks
  • Track progress and report the status to senior leadership
  • Distill the biggest pain points into a problem statement and visual for stakeholders
  • Gain valuable insights into your projects within portfolios
  • Bring data to life and be ahead of the curve
  • Get a complete overview of projects trajectory within portfolios

Check out this Guide Article for more information on Portfolio Dashboards and get started today which is available to customers in the Business and Enterprise Tiers. We’re so incredibly excited to see how you use Portfolio Dashboards to unlock deeper insights and make better business decisions for your organization. If you’ve any comments or questions, please share them below! We look forward to hearing from you!


Excellent! Keeping things in one place.


Hi, @Sonya_Kori. Thank you for providing an overview of Portfolio Dashboards. I’ll take a closer look.

As a Product Marketing leader, I’d love to see a practical application of Asana for Product Marketing across a large team with a complex portfolio. For mine, we have a team of marketers who are focused on a variety of products centered on specific industries. I’ve looked through the templates provided, but I don’t see any for a company with a diverse product portfolio (we have 140+ products) that is practical for upward and downward visibility across a team, as well as horizontal visibility for others to see where campaigns, assets, events, and so on may overlap.

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Hola @Sonya_Kori de mi parte los tableros son muy funcionales y útiles. Felicitaciones por ellos!!!
Lo que también seria interesante es que cuando se agregan graficos al panel y se personaliza, dicha personalización pueda replicarse en otros portafolios. Ejemplo nosotros diseñamos un panel para el portafolio Q1 y cuando cuando creamos el portafolio para el Q2, nuevamente tenemos que agregar los graficos que necesitamos.

The dashboard function should show all upcoming tasks and subtasks by name (at least 1st level subtask) per assignee for the chosen time period along with the associated project.

Dashboards (project and portfolio level) do not show meaningful information regarding Upcoming Tasks. It only provides quantity of tasks and assignee. My leadership wants to see what is actually upcoming (ie the name of the task). It is no efficient to click on the assignee’s name to see this list. Additionally, that only shows upcoming tasks for that assignee.


Hi Karen, rather than using the reporting dashboards, would a saved search suffice?
So search for all tasks by assignee due within the next x amount of days?

Thanks for the fast response. I have just done this as a work around…but the issue is having to look in separate places for information…and create information that should be an obvious need in a dashboard. Senior leaders need info that is readily available without effort to create. I created the searches and sent to them – explained for them to save the search and it would be available to the one-click at real time. Leaders in general want one stop, easy.

This is not the only Asana issue I’m having with trying to provide leaders info they are requesting. Definitely feels like too much effort trying to use a PM tool for things that should otherwise be intuitive and readily available.


Hi Karen,

Just checking in case you didn’t know:

If you created a graph in the dashboards to show this, they could click on the graph columns and it would take them to those tasks specifically?

Yes, thank you. I’m aware of that feature but that requires them to click each item to see the tasks coming up. The “advanced search” is a bit better since it’s just once click once they’ve saved it to their menu. I just wish there was the option for that view to be within the dashboard…”one stop shopping.” :blush:

I do appreciate you’re circling back around with the suggestion.



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