Dashboards for Portfolios

Is it possible to see the dashboard feature for multiple projects at the same time? Ideally, I’d like to see a visual representation of how many tasks have been completed by the team over the week, who they have been completed for, how many tasks have been raised for the week etc.

Is this feature possible for the whole Asana product, or is it only a feature on a per-project basis?

Hi @anon66659808, great question!

At the moment, it is not currently possible to view Dashboards for multiple projects. However, I think this is a great suggestion for Portfolios! :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category and updated the title slightly to make it more discoverable.

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I’m now seeing a “dashboard” view in my portfolios, but I don’t see any product release announcements or updated documentation on the Portfolios page.

Is the rollout of dashboards for portfolios undergoing A/B testing at this stage or is it available for all users?

@Whitney_B, and others,

That’s right, the new Dashboards tab for Portfolios is in an A/B test right now but many have access to it. It is expected to be fully available in the near future and an announcement and documentation will follow.


Hi all, we rolled out the Portfolio dashboard to 100% of our uses :tada:
Please take a look at this announcement for more details!

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