Introducing charts for project and Portfolio Status!

Hi Asana Community!

I’m Ben, a Product Marketing Manager at Asana. Following our latest Status update announcements (updated project Status, New Portfolio Status), I have another feature to add to the excitement. For those of you that love visualizations and data, I’m proud to announce the release of charts in Status!

Available for Premium and Business users, you can now drag-and-drop preconfigured charts directly into a Status you’re writing. Choose between three different charts on projects and Business users get three additional charts to use with Portfolio Status updates. When you drag a chart into your Status, it’ll automatically populate with data from the project or Portfolio you’re updating from.

Next time you write a Status update, scroll through your Highlights sidebar and use a chart to help you tell a visual story of progress to your stakeholders.

To learn more about this awesome new feature, check out our updated Asana Guide article. As always, we love hearing feedback from you, so comment below on what you think and what you’re most excited about!


Very nice update I like it a lot. I personally would add a lot of those in the Progress tab as a fixed feature.


This is a useful feature. Can these charts be based upon a custom field value, such as an effort column based on time?


I am hoping for the same!!! Custom field charting for numerical or drop down types would be amazing!!!


Se isso acontecer será Fantástico! Deixa eu sonhar um pouco aqui com essa sua ideia. \0/

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Sensacional! Asana sempre surpreendendo, parabéns!
Acredito que podem incrementar mais gráficos e Kpi’s em outras telas da Aplicação.
Parabens novamente;


Incredible feature! Great work! Will give the organization all kinds of insights and broader perspectives on business operations with minimal effort. Love it! :heart:

Great suggestions in the previous comments above. :star:

Here are some further suggestions:

  1. To improve audience understanding of what is being communicated, I would prefer if (No section) would only be visible when it exists (>1). I have a project now where it’s 0 and not even visible in the list view but still presented as the first column in the chart.
  2. Configure sections(or section type), to include or not, like the original progress chart.
  3. Subtask completion chart per assignee, while in this project.
  4. Copy/paste charts from other projects into other communication formats like, conversation description and/or stories in tasks.

Thanks, great job @Ben_Watkins, and team! :unicorn:


Hi folks! this update is now available to 100% of our customers, so I’m closing out this announcement! If you have any question in relation to charts for project and portfolio status, please ask them in #tipsandtricks and if you have any feedback, make sure to log them into our #productfeedback category!