Standardize and scale processes across teams — with workflow bundles

Will this ever be available to non enterprise customers>


We’re also a little confused about recent features (universal workload) being Enterprise only. The rest of the Enterprise feature set is very clearly aimed at very large organizations: special security, data control, additional layers of management, special IT backend tools for customization.

Bundles and Universal Workload are both solutions to longstanding issues with Asana. For our very small team of 10, we set up a project per client (about 200 per year). If we come up with a new task process or rule, we have to go in and manually update all 200 projects. Bundles finally solves that problem.

It’d seem to me that most of your users would benefit from things like Bundles, or the ability to see their team’s real workload with Universal Workload. Does Asana think only very large Enterprises would benefit from those features?


We make use of Asana heavily and we’re a small team, but we happily pay for the platform and while larger teams require enterprise support, these features should be core and at least available to premium plans.


Agreed, would be great to have for premium or business plans. I can’t think of any other way of automatically adding rules to new projects.

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They never said everything released for Enterprise is useless to others, this is simply a way to provide more value to the Enterprise tier.


Hello everyone, and thanks for the feedback shared so far.

I understand some of you wished to see Bundles included in our Business plan. While this is not something we’re considering right now, we plan to continue adding value to all our plans – paid and free. Recently, we launched native time tracking, Variable in Rules and Portfolio dashboarrds with our Business plan – as well as Multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List & Board views or Multi-filter for the calendar view to all Asana customers (including folks using the free version).

We’ve more exciting updates coming very soon, including Formulas :shushing_face: for Business users (if you don’t want to miss them, make sure to follow our news category). And while we plan to continue developing Enterprise-exclusive features to respond to specific needs and expectations from Enterprise customers, we also plan to continue to support other Asana users!


Thanks, Marie! We so appreciate all the big changes and improvements that Asana has created over just the last year. Asana is really growing into a very powerful tool. I’m not sure how many others feel this way, but we’d quite happily pay more for a “Business Premium” plan or similar. No doubt all that dev time for Bundles and Universal Workload needs to be paid for.

Previously Enterprise was clearly targeted at Enterprises. Big security and ID and customization features that large companies need. Last week we reached out to Asana Sales to see we could do an Enterprise plan for a tiny team of 10, but we haven’t heard back – we’re probably too small for Enterprise. But if there are major features like Bundles and Workload that would really benefit the team, happy to pay for them…

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You are not too small, but maybe you fly under the radar of Account Executives there. As a partner we’d love to help :slight_smile: can you email me at

I so agree with you Tanner and lilrkt - and Bastien, please reread the arguments, they really make sense.

If you want to provide value to Enterprise tiers you shouldn’t do this with features that should be an integral part of your product. Just like Tanner I had to update manually over 100 projects, in my case to add the Asana Actual Time feature (wow released in 2023 - that was fast!) . It’s baffling really. Perhaps Asana doesn’t know their customers that well? I don’t need a custom enterprise solution. I need task management that saves time for my organisation and frankly updating 100+ projects with a new feature isn’t very satisfying.


Hi, is there a maximum number of items you can add to one bundle? E.g. number of different rules/ custom fields etc within the one bundle.

Hi @Megan_Cook :raised_hand:

I’ve been in touch with the Product Manager of Bundles and this is what I’ve learned about limits :

Limits on bundles per project: 5

And Limits of workflow features (rules, fields, etc): follows the limit per project
I will quote him directly:

  • For example, there is a maximum of 50 rules allowed per project right now.

  • The bundle will respect the project’s limit.

  • Here are a few scenarios of what it could look like:

    1. Scenario 1: A project has 40 rules and a bundle has 10 rules. This bundle would be able to be successfully added to the project

    2. Scenario 2: A project has 40 rules and a bundle has 15 rules. This bundle, if added, would put the project over its 50 rule limit. The bundle will display an error that advises the user to remove rules before adding the bundle.

    3. The 5 rules (to meet the 50 limit) can be removed from EITHER the project itself or the bundle

    4. As long as the total of bundles + projects is < than the limit, then the bundle can be added

As a reference, this great article about all limits from @Richard_Sather 🔢 List of technical and data limitations in Asana

Also, the PM is definitely interested in your feedback regarding these limits.
Don’t hesitate to use the dedicated link in the Bundle panel (“Send feedback”)

Hope that helps :wink:


Is there a plan to add bundles to project templates? I love the idea of being able to edit all the rules for every project my team owns at once, but I can’t give up having the rules in our new project template. I just don’t see my team going through the extra step of using the template and adding a rule bundle each time they create something new.

Alternatively, if we could just use bundles in place of templates when generating a new project, that would work for us as well.


Thanks so much!

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Hi @anon71076271

@Marie (our Community Program Manager) was saying recently that “The product team already confirmed there were no plans to incorporate Bundles into project templates for now”

But you are not the only one pushing that idea :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Bundles is an awesome feature which unlocks a lot of possibilities for us as well as has the potential to remove a lot of custom scripting we have in place to manage custom fields across a large number of projects. There is an issue however which is stopping us from adopting Bundles.

There seems to be no way of searching for a Bundle when adding it to a project. The only options I can see are to filter by Bundles managed or owned by me or to scroll through a list of all available Bundles. By default all Bundles in our organisation are shared and we have a rather large organisation with 1000s of projects and many teams. There are Bundles we are creating that we want to make available for anyone in our org to use and likewise we want to consume bundles from other teams. Having to scroll through a Bundles list that appears to be in no particular order is proving to be quite a negative user experience and making it near impossible to find Bundles. Is there an option to search for a Bundle by it’s name or is there something I’m missing?


Hi @anon71076271 and @Arthur_BEGOU, I just got an update from our Product Team about your question! We are planning to launch the ability to use Bundles in Project Templates :tada: Although we don’t have an estimated launch date to share right now, please stay tuned for updates in this post! We will let you know once we launch this option!


FYI @lpb - I think you were the first to suggest this!


Good memory, @Phil_Seeman! Yes, I was happy to see this earlier today. I hope it will address what I requested back in early May, which was the following:

Bundle Feature Request:

It would be very powerful to add to the project templates settings editor an ability to specify one or more bundles.

This would be very much like the current ability in the project templates settings editor to specify one or more portfolios:

Similarly to Add projects to portfolios, Add projects to Bundles would automatically make every project created from this template “subscribed” to the indicated bundle(s). This would open up great new possibilities and address a gap that exists currently.

A gap is that project templates and bundles are completely disconnected, both in the sense that they are physically separate in the UI, and conceptually unrelated. Another gap is that there is no continuity beyond project creation; the template becomes disconnected from all projects it has created.

This simple feature, which is solely up to a team’s discretion of how to use, could enable the linkage where none now exists, and do so in whatever manner the team wanted.

One approach might be to always specify a bundle for “Add project to bundle” for every project template created, thereby giving the team a hook for continuation to maintain projects down the road created by this template. Kind of a one-to-one mapping of a project template (“ Onboarding”) with its future maintenance bundle (“Employee Onboarding”).




This is the exact integration between Bundles and Templates that we’re looking for in our use case. We have a central team managing templates that are shared across multiple teams and across those teams we share a common set of custom fields, column’s and rules. Each team then has their own custom fields and rules which they add on top of these to the project. We are currently using custom scripting and the Asana API to manage this but it’s clunky and problematic.

Having the ability to include a Bundle into templates would allow us to set the shared Bundle by default to all our shared templates. Also having the ability to add a Bundle when creating a project from a template would then allow our teams to include their custom team Bundles to the project.

Would love to see this as a feature but in the absence of this just the ability to search for Bundles across the organisation would be great too.

Oh and a central place to store templates that wasn’t linked to a team but rather an organisation. At present you have to be part of the team where the template has been created to have access to use it. If you have multiple teams sharing templates from one central source then you have to give them access to the team that is storing the shared templates. A template library accessible to the organisation, like custom fields are, would be a big win.


Thanks, @Ian_Grant.

Can you add a Product Feedback request topic for this?

You’re likely aware, but in case not, that a helpful practice is to have an “All staff” team and place org-wide templates there. But you can vote for your request here: