Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library)

The new task templates functionality is great, but what seriously limits (and likely eradicates) its usefulness is the fact that a Task template is only available in the Project it was created in. Our workspace contains different Teams each with many Projects. We currently have a ‘Tasks’ project in a central Team where users from all Teams can duplicate tasks and move them into a Project. So, the ability to access common Task templates in all Teams and Projects is essential for this to be useful for us.


Link to original product update announcement post: Introducing templates, for Tasks!

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Thanks for creating this thread, @Martin12! I’ll make sure to update this thread once we have any plans to implement this feature :slight_smile:


I echo the comments of @Martin12 regarding the task template and am looking for some key updates to this enhancement. Unfortunately, I am not finding the stated value of being able to “set up the same tasks over and over again” within the same project to be very useful. For this to be of greater value, it should be built so that the task can (1) be available to be used in multiple projects and (2) be available within a project template. Perhaps the majority of people run projects where there is a need to duplicate a repetitive task within the same project?



Following the newspost of Mar 2021 we tested the new task templates. In our use case we need to link multiple projects to a task. Unfortunately the linked projects are not applied to the new task created from the template.

Are there any plans to support multiple projects in task templates?


Hi @Markus0, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! As it stands, Task templates currently don’t support multiple projects. I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as we have plans to implement this option in the future!


Thanks for your reply. Maybe as an addition (since I don’t have the rights to edit my post atm) I think it would make sense to implement the same functionality as there already is for duplicating a task. So that a user can select what he wants to be copied to the template (assignee, projects, due date, etc.). Maybe we should rephrase this issue according to that?

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Echoing what’s been raised here and in other threads – this is super crucial for us being able to warrant implementing task templates workspace-wide. The need to save the “template” task in the project template so that it can be converted to an actual template every time makes the functionality almost redundant to us. We’d have to police every new project! Hopefully this can be looked into quickly!! Thank you :grinning:


I love task templates so far but was disappointed when I discovered they are only available to the current project you are in and not global like project templates. As a workaround in the mean time, I have created a project that is just for holding tasks that I wish to use as a template. Then I duplicate that task to another project as needed and turn it into a template for that project. This is a tad cumbersome.


Exactly, I was bewildered to find out that template only works WITHIN ONE project. Not very functional as a result.


I echo most of the comments in this thread, having Task Templates only available for the projects that they were created in is almost obsolete. The only functionality that I see meaningful for this feature is the task template available for the whole workspace.


Great!!, I would love a section template feature too working in all projects, it’s usable in purchase or in re engineering process!, and with this feature you need only a little more effort and will get it!


I’m trying to make one ASSET PURCHASE PROCESS as a task template. I want to make this one task template to be made available in different teams and different projects.
I can copy paste the task template to different project and different teams manualy, however when we want to make ammendmend to the template, that means we need to painfully change that one by one.

How can I do that? If there’s no way to do that, what’s the workaround.

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Hi @michaelrumende, thanks for reaching out!

As it stands, it’s not currently possible to add Task Templates to multiple projects. We do actually have an existing thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this to consolidate feedback. :slight_smile:

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I’m just confirming that even though we can add multiple projects to the task template, the task template still will not show up in those new projects?

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 2.38.22 PM


Chiming in on this. The ability to apply the templates across tasks would make this really useful. Right now the way the task templates can only be used within a single project makes them redundant. I need to be able to apply them across projects. This would also really help if we ever have to update a template, instead of looking at updating the template in 10-15 different locations (which won’t happen, which is why we don’t use the task templates)


We really need these Task Templates to be available in the Library like custom fields

Even better would be “Section Templates” and of course added to the Library.

I’ve been on a crusade to eliminate the use of Subtasks since Asana’s development team hates them so much (honestly, why are they even there? haha).

We want to use all these new features like Dashboard, Timelines, Portfolios, Status Updates etc…But none of those account for subtasks, they don’t even exists.

Then Task Templates come around and so far they drive you to use subtasks again…I’m so confused.


    • Task Templates available on Library, like Custom Fields
    • Give us Section Templates, same as Task, but 1 level up. Also add them to Library



So confusing: why is everything so siloed in Asana :sob: .

Rules–Great! Wait, you can’t share them, make them consistent across projects-so 10 new projects=10* X rules to recreate from scratch

Task Templates–Fantastic!!! Only you can’t really use templates across projects…Wait, what?

I understand the data model likely stands in the way, but why are so many productivity features completely hampered by the lack of scope and reach from a user standpoint. Do people only have no more than 5 similar projects they jump between?

What good is the (very useful) ability to convert a task to a project if none of the supporting workflows and automation translate to the new project?


@steph3 - I couldn’t have stated this any better! I do not understand the reasoning behind the siloed thinking. Come on Asana developers, you have to do better here. #BreakDownThoseWalls

@Martin12 and others here,

Until there’s a better way, perhaps this workaround will be attractive to some of you: