Introducing templates, for Tasks!

Hi Asana Community!

Have you spent a lot of time duplicating tasks because you had to reassign it out to multiple teams? Or perhaps you’ve been manually rewriting tasks and subtasks because you had to run a similar process over again (like getting a community post up and running :slightly_smiling_face:).

Good news: we’re launching Task Templates to simplify that process for you. Our first version of Task Templates allows you to create a templated task with preset subtasks, assignees, and due dates. Once you’ve created a Task Template, you and your teams have the option to use that grouping each time you want to add a task – much like how it works for project templates. And, this means that you won’t find errant tasks that show up in your My Tasks list just because someone duplicated it.

Task Templates are great for teams to set up their most common actions. Some common types of tasks are often:

  • Tasks that have multiple steps that need to be created each time
  • Setting a standard process of review and approval steps
  • Creating a type of task that requires a dedicated set of collaborators
  • Setting due dates and ranges automatically

With Task Templates, we hope you’ll be able to set clarity around the steps of your teams’ processes and save some time from the automatic creation of frequent tasks.

This is just the first set of features we’re building out for Task Templates. We’d love to hear your feedback and what else would be helpful for your workflows.

How do I get started?

To create a new template task from scratch: simply navigate to the “Customize” menu in the top right corner of your project, and click “+ Add template” (See screenshot 1)

To convert an existing task into a Task Template: Click on the three dot icon to open the task details and select “convert to task template” (See screenshot 2).

To create a task from an existing template: click on “Add task” as seen in Screenshot 3, this will open an optional dropdown menu displaying all task templates available in the project.

Task templates can include the following attribute and info:

  • Task type (task, milestone, or approval)
  • Assignee
  • Custom fields
  • Task description
  • Collaborators
  • Subtasks

Last but not least, task templates also allow you to set relative due dates. So, instead of creating tasks that are always due on a specific date, you can create task templates to create new tasks with due dates on any number of days in the future, depending on the date the task is created.

Please note Task Templates currently don’t support tags, comments, sections, attachments, other projects and dependencies. Additionally, project templates currently don’t support task templates either.


Screenshot 1 - Create new template from scratch

Screenshot 2 - Convert existing task to template

Screenshot 3 - Create new tasks from template task in the List view

Important note: This new feature is being rolled out gradually so please don’t worry if you don’t see it just yet in your account, it will be made available to everyone in a just a couple of days!

Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or comments :slight_smile:


This looks great! Thanks for adding this, definitely allows for using Asana in a more processized way :muscle::muscle:


This is great! It will be incredibly useful.

@Michael-Chen, If you happen to create a task template from a task that has a subtask section, something unfortunate happens: The following subtask (below the subtask section) is rendered as a subtask section, not a subtask, in the instantiated task. I think this is a “gotcha” and it’s frustrating to roll out something new that I would consider broken (even if you consider this as not supported, it will trip people up and not meet expectations).

Also, it will be great to see other projects supported in the future; are you considering that a reasonably high priority for a future release?




This absolutely brilliant!!! :star_struck::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

  • switches screens and starts creating task templates *

I’m not seeing this option yet. I’ve refreshed my page and logged out/in. Has this feature fully rolled out yet? Or is it limited to Business plans?


Don’t worry, @Jill_Schoff, it’s available starting at the Premium level!

They are rolling it out over time; it should be rolled out to 100% of customers by the end of February or a bit before.


Awesome thanks! I’m super-excited as we use task templates CONSTANTLY!


Hi there. Can the creation of a task from a task template be triggered via the API, like a project template? Looking to reduce the amount of actions used to automate some existing workflows, of course! Thanks.


I’m finding it hard to describe how EXCITED I am for this! I have been asking for/waiting for this feature for years! Thank you!!!


Is this going through a phased rollout because I don’t see it yet in my account?


Not yet. We’re hoping this will get added to the API at some point. :pray:

cc: @Ross_Grambo :slight_smile:


Please see my reply just above:


“Other projects” addition would be welcome.


Task Templates are local to a specific project. Can same task template be available in multiple projects? Possibly with “Other projects” functionality.

I tried to resolve the issue by adding Task Template to Project Template to make the same Task template be available in all projects created from Template, but everything in template is being cloned except for the Task Template.

I do have possibility to have sample of the task in Project Template that can be converted into Task Template upon every project instantiation from template, but it would be great to avoid these workarounds.

EDIT: There is possibility to add Task Templates to Project Templates now and they are now available in project instances.


I tried to resolve the issue by adding Task Template to Project Template to make the same Task template be available in all projects created from Template, but everything in template is being cloned except for the Task Template.

Confirmed that Task Templates added to a Project Template are not carried/copied to new Projects created from the Project Template. I would presume most customers use project templates, so this hurts the usability of this feature by quite a bit for us and others :frowning:

I might be mistaken, but it appears you cannot create a new Task from a Task Template from the Board view (screenshot 2 only shows how to convert to a Task Template).


Hi @jpl
I just checked and you can certainly create a task template in board view.
The feature is available.

Below is a screen shot:
If you are facing issues, I suggest opening a new thread and reporting it as a bug.

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This is great.

Ideas/feedback: You should make templates available for other projects than the ones they are created in. Example: We have a board for new sales clients in Location 1, and a separate board for new sales clients in Location 2. You might have 10-12 separate boards like that in a big organisation. Right now, I’m creating a template manually in every one - but it would be smarter if I just create a template in the first one, and then I can select it and add it to the other projects too. So they live as separate templates in each project, but they can be “selected” from a sort of library. Hope this makes sense.


Oh, and another functionality would be to connect it to the forms, perhaps enabling a form to aim to fill out a certain template? Thus, the followers of that template, and other rules related to it, would automatically be triggered.


Great idea @Andreas_Loftager

Shall we move it to product feedback category and track progress for it there, @Emily_Roman & @Marie ?