How to create templates for tasks

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I’d like to setup a product roadmap board where I want to create a template for the body of the task/story with headers so different POs and BAs in my team capture data in a structured form.

Is there a way to do this in Asana ?



Hi @Bhaskar_Vijay_Shanka

At the moment, Templates are available at the Project level. One workaround to this could be the creation of a Project exclusively to hold Tasks you set up as individual templates.

Proceed by making a copy of the Task you’re using as a copy. Once you have created a copy of that Task, add it to the relevant Project space by using the Tab+P.

Conversely, what you can do is have those individual Task templates “live” in the Projects where they need to be used. This way when you make a copy, it already lives in the right place. This is important because Project specific custom fields (for example) will stay applied to those Tasks

Hope this helps Bhaskar



When will we be able to create custom templates of a task under a parent project ?


I use a lot of custom to-do list templates for various types of projects, store them in a google sheet and just copy paste into Asana. It’s kind of nice that Asana knows it’s a list and separates each row in the spreadsheet into tasks.


that is kind of fine, but we are trying to manage the project completely via Asana. Using third party tricks complicates the standardization of tasks creating within the company. In our case, we want to add users stories that have a mandatory template, like description, impact… etc.


Bump for feature request of task templates please


This would be a great feature!


+1 for this idea. Would be great to have a template for repetitive tasks that have clear steps.




I would like to know this aswell! We have tasks that repeat randomly and hate filling out the same info all the time.

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You can put your random tasks in a project and add the tasks only to any projects you want using our Sendana Add integration. It is layed out in the instructions. Might help you out.

The jpg shows how easy it is to add a few tasks to multiple projects. Once you create your tasks and identify your target projects Sendana Add does all the rest.

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Would love to see templates implemented in the future.


I have one task that I label TEMPLATE and simply duplicate the task each time. It would be great to get task templates though as this is a bit messy with calendars, reporting, etc. It’d also be great if we could automatically set deadlines based on the parent task deadline (for example, subtask A is due 10 days before, subtask B 5 days before, and so on).

+1 for this feature request


Good news! The deadlines based on the parent task deadline are now available :raised_hands:t2: In our company we already have a project called “Product Launch Template” and each task is already assigned to the person in charge of that task, so everytime we need to plan a product launch we use that template and the only thing we need to do is setting a deadline for each task.

With this new feature, though, we won’t invest that much time planning each task. The only “CON” I see for this is that we will need to complete each task in our template, and then mark it as uncompleted once we use it for the new project. Does anyone know if this is the most efficient way to use templates with this new feature? Looking forward to hearing about your experiences! Thank you!


I’m not sure that’s the same as what I’m talking about. I’m talking about autopopulated, smart deadlines on the task / subtask level, not project / task level. Thanks for that insight!


+1 It would be great to have templates for tasks. Especially when using a board to manage project, there are typically 3-4 types of tasks that one repeatedly creates. Without task types, this is a cumbersome process.


+1 - Task Templates. We have workflows as task and currently we are just duplicating but every so often someone forgets to copy the task and starts working on the original causing us to have to rebuild the task template. Hoping this is on the roadmap for all levels of Asana for one and not just the top level (Portfolios)

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Yes! Wrike have this feature, SUPER useful!


Also voting for this; would be a super valuable feature saving everyone lots of time.

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