How to create templates for tasks



Hi !

I’d like to setup a product roadmap board where I want to create a template for the body of the task/story with headers so different POs and BAs in my team capture data in a structured form.

Is there a way to do this in Asana ?



Hi @Bhaskar_Vijay_Shanka

At the moment, Templates are available at the Project level. One workaround to this could be the creation of a Project exclusively to hold Tasks you set up as individual templates.

Proceed by making a copy of the Task you’re using as a copy. Once you have created a copy of that Task, add it to the relevant Project space by using the Tab+P.

Conversely, what you can do is have those individual Task templates “live” in the Projects where they need to be used. This way when you make a copy, it already lives in the right place. This is important because Project specific custom fields (for example) will stay applied to those Tasks

Hope this helps Bhaskar