Template Tasks as Subtasks

Howdy Asanas,

I use task duplication a lot, as the single template task can already contain a series of information I need or be in multiple project to have specific fields.

My pain at the moment is that in order to add the new task as a subtask of another task, I need to have the parent task in the same project as the template I just copied. Because I want to keep the projects lean, I avoid it, grouping all the template under a “template” tag. After having duplicated the template I add the tag “template” to the parent tag, move the newly created task as the parent subtask and then I remove the tag. (hopefully this is clear).

Is there anything I can do to make my process simpler? I would adore the possibility to create a new task from a list of templates, as you can do for entire projects!



Hi Carlo!

I’m Lily, one of your friendly neighborhood Asana Success Managers.

From your description it sounds like what I’m about to suggest might help improve your flow, but if I’m missing the point entirely please add any clarifying details and I’ll be happy to regroup on this!

In my experience if you’re trying to nest a subtask under a parent task the easiest way to do this is assign to yourself and work out of My Tasks.


  • Assign Template Task A to yourself
  • Copy Template Task A, do not choose the “Projects” checkbox but do choose “Assignee”

  • Assign Parent Task B to yourself
  • Navigate to My Tasks
  • Drag Template Task A into Parent Task B (which will open up in the right pane)
  • Unassign yourself from both of those

Let me know if this helps!



Hi Lily!

Yes, that works smoothly! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!


On that note, I wish it was easier to create a new task from a template in any project of my choosing. E.g. I have a project for a specific sprint, say Sprint 35. I want to create a user story task from my Templates project, customize it and then move it into Sprint 35, then position it in the right spot in that project. That’s a lot of separate steps, which is why folks on my team rarely choose to copy template tasks (an operation that’s already pretty slow by itself).

Any chance that might get streamlined at some point?


Thanks for this feedback! We’ve made a note of it. If you’d like more information about how product feedback is collected here in the forum, I recommend looking at the description of the product feedback category. Happy to answer questions if you have them. :slight_smile:

Any update on this? I will inspect the product feed back section as well.
Furthermore, seeing as I don’t believe the ‘task template’ is currently being rolled out, is there a way to make a task (in a public project) impossible to delete?

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Wow I wish I understood what you just wrote because it sounds like something I should know! Lost me at Parent Task B :confused:


Hi Lily,

In this step, is the template a project or a task? I don’t know how to make a template without first making it a project…

Any suggestions?



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We use the Slack Integration to create tasks like a ticket. So let’s say, someone from sales needs a marketing piece. They can create the task and assign it to the marketing department’s project board. What we’d like to solve for is to be able to assign a template for the subtasks that will be assigned to the task request, after it was created. Is this possible and I missed it?


Hi @Jon-David_Lenard,

Not possible in Asana itself. It is possible via the “Add subtasks from a template” rule action in my Flowsana integration; see:

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