Copy Subtasks and their dependencies and paste into another task

I have a project with tasks, under the tasks I have subtasks. Each of the subtasks have dependencies with each other.
I am trying to copy JUST the subtasks and their dependencies and paste them. Is this possible?

We have a rotating 4 volume project that has over 60 tasks with about 9 subtasks for each. It is very tedious creating the same dependencies for each subtasks and would be great to just copy and paste for each task.

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Have you considered setting up task templates? This makes the creating of new similar tasks very fast + the dependencies can be set up via the template also.

If you expect to have more projects where you need the same set of tasks you can also set up a project template with dependencies between tasks.

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Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ve created a task template, but am having the same problem of copying the subtasks and their respective dependencies into an existing task.

So, I have project, tasks under the project, subtasks for each parent task, and dependencies between each subtask.

When I copy the subtask how do i keep those dependencies. I need to duplicate these and copy them into 60 parent tasks.

Thank you for your help!!

Hey @JERI,

you mean you have all parent tasks set up already and now want to add the same set of subtasks with dependencies between them?

So you can also add subtasks to tasks via rule and the trigger could for example be a specific selection via a custom field or all tasks in added to a stage but the problem is that dependencies are not supported yet. You can vote for this feature here.

Now the other thing I was testing is to duplicate the task (with the subtasks and dependencies)

And then merge the task into the main task where you need the subtasks at. This will move the subtasks and dependencies over.


The same can be achieved by creating a new task from the task template (that has all the subtasks and dependencies set up) and then marking the task as duplicate of the other task where you need them.

I know it is not ideal but I cannot think of another solution for your case if you have 60 tasks created and each task needs subtasks with different dependencies.

I mean in list view you can bulk edit tasks and add dependencies but if all have different dependencies this is not ideal also.


Thank you so much Andrea! I believe I can make it work with one f your suggestions. I also use flow sauna and have some rules set up but I think it will really help with this as well. Thank you again so much.


Setting up a duplicate task with subtasks and dependencies only, then making a duplicate of it and merging that duplicate with the existing task worked perfectly!!
I can’t tell you how much time you have saved me! Thank you SO much!


Glad it worked well for you :slight_smile: