Task Templates - copying subtasks

Hello! We’ve been creating our own task templates for years. I’d like to use the new task template provided by Asana, but I’m having trouble copying over the subtasks. I currently have about 15 task templates, and each one of those has about 5 sections and a total of 75 subtasks. What’s the best way to copy those subtasks over? The normal ways of doing this don’t seem to work. Thank you!

What do you mean by the normal way not working @Christine_Padberg? Are you saying the advanced action within a task detail to convert to a task template isn’t working for you?


It sounds like you want your task template to have subtask sections; that is not supported currently. See this for details:

I could use Task actions > Convert task to template, but it gets fouled up on instantiation; regular subtasks become subtask sections. I hope this is fixed but nothing promised.


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I bet you are spot on @lpb. I didn’t even realize that was the case with subtasks sections.

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Wait… did they fix this @lpb?

My primary use case for Task Templates only has 15 subtasks within 2 subtasks sections but it seems to create a new task using this template just as it should.

@Jerod_Hillard, Yes, I just tried quickly again and didn’t see the problem I did before with subtask sections causing subsequent subtasks to become subtask sections

@Michael_Chen and/or @Emily_Roman, Can you confirm this is fully-fixed?



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