💡 How to have a section template

:gift: Do you wish there were “section templates” in Asana?

:muscle: Well, me too, but it isn’t a thing yet. Let’s find a workaround, shall we?

:bulb: The idea is to use task templates to mimic a section template. Let’s say you wanted to templatize a section with 3 tasks: T1, T2, T3. You then create a task template with 3 subtasks (T1, T2, T3).

:computer: Whenever you want to create a new section from a template, go through the following:

  • create an empty section
  • use the task template to create a task
  • open the task, multi-select the subtasks, drag-and-drop them into the section
  • delete the original task

:sweat_smile: This is not that far from a section template is it? What do you think about this workaround?

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I say it works for now and I will be using that method. Hopefully, we can see some sort of update to sections soon, as they are underutilized in my opinion.


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman , any thoughts on if this could work across projects, or just within a single project? I tried:

  • Creating a section head >

  • Labeling a task template within it >

  • Marking it as living in multiple projects

But that didn’t work for creating that same section title in the other projects…but I may be misunderstanding your suggestion, though either way like the idea of section templates!

It seems it could be just like a custom field in a way, except the custom field could be selected for section names. Two :+1:t2: :+1:t2: for me

I am confused by your wording. When you mention task template you mean a task used as a template which you duplicate, or a real task template?

Ugh, I really hope they add the section template feature soon, because the subtasks feature is not ideal for me at all…

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anyone know if this is a feature request?

Hey @Jade_Melcher, the relevant feedback request thread is here but it seems you already found it.