Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library)

I’m just confirming that even though we can add multiple projects to the task template, the task template still will not show up in those new projects?

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Chiming in on this. The ability to apply the templates across tasks would make this really useful. Right now the way the task templates can only be used within a single project makes them redundant. I need to be able to apply them across projects. This would also really help if we ever have to update a template, instead of looking at updating the template in 10-15 different locations (which won’t happen, which is why we don’t use the task templates)


We really need these Task Templates to be available in the Library like custom fields

Even better would be “Section Templates” and of course added to the Library.

I’ve been on a crusade to eliminate the use of Subtasks since Asana’s development team hates them so much (honestly, why are they even there? haha).

We want to use all these new features like Dashboard, Timelines, Portfolios, Status Updates etc…But none of those account for subtasks, they don’t even exists.

Then Task Templates come around and so far they drive you to use subtasks again…I’m so confused.


    • Task Templates available on Library, like Custom Fields
    • Give us Section Templates, same as Task, but 1 level up. Also add them to Library



So confusing: why is everything so siloed in Asana :sob: .

Rules–Great! Wait, you can’t share them, make them consistent across projects-so 10 new projects=10* X rules to recreate from scratch

Task Templates–Fantastic!!! Only you can’t really use templates across projects…Wait, what?

I understand the data model likely stands in the way, but why are so many productivity features completely hampered by the lack of scope and reach from a user standpoint. Do people only have no more than 5 similar projects they jump between?

What good is the (very useful) ability to convert a task to a project if none of the supporting workflows and automation translate to the new project?


@steph3 - I couldn’t have stated this any better! I do not understand the reasoning behind the siloed thinking. Come on Asana developers, you have to do better here. #BreakDownThoseWalls

@Martin12 and others here,

Until there’s a better way, perhaps this workaround will be attractive to some of you:



Thansk Larry - it is bit of a hack and I don’t even really follow it. I’d like something everyone here can use, not just me…and for that, it has to be simple. I appreciate the response though! hopefully it will get added in as a feature.


I understand, but recognize that this was intended for everyone’s use in your org who needs it (once set up, which is quick), not just one person’s.

I’d be happy to explain it more if unclear and you might want to use it.

There’s no public plan on Asana’s part to implement a task template library so I don’t imagine there will be another way to do this for a while.


I was thrilled to implement task templates across the organization and very disappointed across finding this post and discovering this wasn’t possible yet… here’s an easy workaround that worked for my use (only needing these templates in certain projects):

  1. Create task template in project A
  2. Add to project B → convert back to task
  3. In project B, convert to task template
  4. Remove task template from that project

What is the timeline for templates to be available across the workspace. They are virtually useless without this functionality.

If I have to make multiple copies of a template which are not synchronised then it simply adds duplication which makes maintaining/updating them impossible.

Assigning a copy of our task template and moving it to the appropriate project is a simple solution that means your only have one version of the template. However, I just don’t see the point of the template feature.

Please sort this out ASAP :slight_smile:


Seconding each and every person in this thread – for our business we run into this issue every time we need to set up a new project board (which is on a regular basis, as we work with multiple teams, multiple clients and multiple stakeholders, so we unfortunately can’t reuse project boards on a recurring basis.

Hoping for an update on this in the foreseeable future! :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

Is there a way to make Task templates available across all your Projects within the same team? Or even across different teams? Or do I have to create Templates over and over again in each Project that I want the task template to be available in?

Even when I drag the template to a different Project, I can’t see the template in the “Add New” drop down.

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 11.49.14 AM

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Hey @anon44310414 this is not currently available.

You can read about all features of task templates here: How to use task templates in Asana. • Asana Product Guide

As a workaround I suggest maybe creating one project that just contains just tasks that you use as templates. Then you would have to duplicate the tasks whenever needed.
Or duplicate into the relevant projects and then save as task template there also.

@Emily_Roman I think this could be moved to the product feedback category :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply @Andrea_Mayer . The problem with duplicating the task is that is automatically is marked as complete and with automated rules, they always end up in the Completed section. Not the end of the world, but just an annoyance when constantly having to duplicate. I’ll read the other forum post, thanks!

Hey @anon44310414
yeah this feature would definitely be useful for many Asana users (me included) so once that is moved to the Product Feedback category we can upvote it :wink:


I agree with @Andrea_Mayer , this is concept I called “task factories” for project templates, but that could apply to a single project with task templates in it


@anon44310414, I provided a quite automated workaround for Business/Enterprise users, though all but the rules part could help others too:

And everyone here who wants to vote, please do so here:

@Community_Managers, Perhaps merge this thread with the above.




Thanks everyone! I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread with Make Task templates available to other projects (Task templates library) :raised_hands:


Echoing what many have already said. We really need the ability to create template and then apply that template to other projects, not just house the template in one project.

My use case is creating a template with various tasks that all waterfall with dependents, then apply that same flow to all projects I create.

Please consider this as a feature for your roadmap, you’d make a lot of uses very happy :pray:t2:


cc @Andreas_Loftager