Custom Task Templates

Team Templates are nice, but what really makes our workflow powerful is being able to create custom templates for tasks that I can duplicate over and over again - standard description + subtasks.


Hey @Ian_Schneider,

Thanks so much for the feedback! We’re always working on our design at Asana and the good news is, this appears to be a popular request.

We’re tracking all requests for this and I’ve noted yours. We’ll take it into account as we continue to improve Asana.

Thanks again for taking the time to share.


Hi, can you please advise status on this request? This is something that I am also missing as I would like to leverage templates of Tasks with subtasks.

Thank you


I agree that this would be a great feature!


Agree! It would be super helpful to be able to create custom fields for tasks as well and then use multiple types of task templates within one project.


The features is nice but when you use it, the template does not copy “others projet” link to parent task and subtask. Then its not possible for me to use.
It will be great to have task template also

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I totally agree with you. The template also needs to copy the linked projects, or else I have to manually re-link all projects whenever someone copy the template… which is completely counter productive!

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Any update? I would love to have this. Copying and renaming tasks is tedious. We write alot of content - it would be so great to be able to pick “blog task” from the templates

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@Terri_Burden Is there any update on this idea? This would be super useful for us as well!

Has anyone come up with a good workaround?

Hey @Monica,

Thanks for checking in on this. There aren’t any updates just yet but I’m looping in our Community Manager, @Alexis, so she can update you all if our Product Team announces this feature.

In the meantime, I typically create a task with all the details I’d like the other tasks to have and add a “template” tag (How to Complete Task Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide) or add “{TEMPLATE}” in the task name to let others know it shouldn’t be edited, only copied. Take a look at the screenshot.

I too would love template tasks! Thanks again for following up.


Is there an update on this? This is also something that would be super helpful for me and my team! Thanks!

I’d love to have this feature, we have many tasks that follow templates.

I’ve been working all night trying to make the “Copy Task” feature work. The problem I keep running into is that when I delete the copied task from the “Test” project it also deletes the original. Does anyone have a brief rundown of how to use this work around for the time being? This seems like it’s been in motion for awhile…I could absolutely use this feature like yesterday.

The template version of Tasks would be great. Hope the Dev can do this soon.

+1 on task templates!

+1 on this!

+1 on the task template.

I agree this is a must and would make life so much easier.

+1 on task templates!

This would really help my team with our project management!
Not everyone goes to the different projects to create new tasks and having templates for our different projects really would help!