Asana Release Notes December 2021

Hi all,

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Automate subtasks with Rules : Now add subtasks to tasks in your projects using the custom Rule builder. Learn how
  • Goals comments : Post comments directly on the Goal details page to ask questions, enable conversations, or provide additional information. Read about Goal comments
  • Dashboards copy over in project templates : Dashboards that include charts now carry over when you duplicate a project or create a project from a template. More on Project Dashboards
  • Task Template enhancements : Make your task templates even more powerful by adding dependencies and attachments. And now they’ll copy over when you launch a new project from a template. Get started with Task Templates
  • Updated Asana Academy course: Asana for Admins : If you’re an Enterprise admin, or want to learn more about security controls available for larger organizations, check out the updated lesson “Enterprise security and scalability” in Asana for Admins.

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update!

I am a bit confused here: Task templates are not created when you launch a project from a template, right? Or does this update refer to task templates and tasks in project templates at the same time?

Hi @Martin_Brandenburg, thanks for reaching out! We have recently launched some enhancements for task templates. This includes a new option that allow you to carry over task templates when you duplicate a project or create a new project from a template. It works similar as if you create a project from a Template and you have Rules in your Template, all Rules will be copy over your new project :slight_smile:


Hey Emily! I wanted to reach out because I am seeing the option to add dependencies into my templates, however, when I try to add one, nothing populates. It says “no matches found in this template.” I have tried this with multiple tasks on multiple different templates and none of them seem to be working. Do you know why this would be? Thanks in advance!

Task templates are a great feature, but is there a way to add a subtask to a project in a template task?

We use it like this - main task (one project) subtask (different project dependent on a task-specific use).

There is - it’s not visible but you can use the Tab-P shortcut key to do it.


Thank You @Phil_Seeman . It works! Gamechanger for me thank You, very much!

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We need rules to action a task template spawning.

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Looking good. Would love a Solo plan option for 2022 :wink:

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