Asana release Notes March 2021

Hi there,

Please find below our release notes for this month:

  • Introducing task templates : Now you can create task templates to standardize common tasks within a project. Add subtasks and relative due dates to make kicking off new work easier than ever.
  • Project Dashboard improvements : Add new charts and apply new filters and customization to the existing charts in your project Dashboards.
  • Create appreciations on iOS : Love appreciations? Now you can create and send them on iOS mobile.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) : Activate two-factor authentication via your profile settings.
  • Add Tags on Android : Android users can now add a new tag from their mobile devices.
  • View projects in My Tasks on iOS : Get more context on tasks in your My Tasks by viewing each task’s projects field in your My Tasks list view on iOS.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below!


Thanks for sharing the March release note for Asana!

Thank you for this. In RE to Task Templates. Can you have multiple tasks in a task template?

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You can only have one task per task template. That task can have subtasks as part of the template.

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Very excited for task templates! Is there, or will there be, a way to use task templates with Rules?

I would love to be able to automate or trigger templated task creation. For example, when something is marked “Approved” in a project, it triggers task creation from a template (with a series of subtasks) to be completed. Sample use: When a request is approved in a form, it populates a series of next steps/actions.


Awesome new stuff, especially for Android users. But is there a special way of adding new tags on Android? When I try to add a tag and write something that doesn’t exist, I see a Save button but it’s inactive and below the field where I type the tag there is a text “No results. Try a different search”

Hi @SilviyaRadkova, could you create a new post under #mobile:androidtipsandtricks with screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Thank you!

I’ll do it. Thanks @Marie :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for sharing @Marie! My team is looking forward to the task templates. :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to have a template be triggered when a form is submitted? For example, we’d like to have someone submit a form submission when they want an email created, and it to trigger an email template that we have created. Is it able to set it up like that?

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Hi @Valerie_Ward :wave:t3:

Not at the moment, but if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend upvoting Template tasks to support form submissions :slight_smile:

Hi @Valerie_Ward , You could use a tool like Integromat and create a custom integration between Asana and your email provider.

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When will it be possible to see tags in the My Tasks view in iOS and iPad OS?

Thanks @Marie … Really looking forward to using Task Templates and customizing charts in Dashboards. I’m sure its been brought up, but is there any discussion on increasing the colour palette for charts instead of the “50 shades” of blue? :wink:


Hi @Bart_Kool, I don’t have an update on this specific topic, but if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend upvoting Show Tags in My Tasks!

Hi @Mark_Nattress :wave:t3: I hope you’re keeping well :slight_smile:

Yes! We’re going to bring more colours to Dashboard charts in the next couple of months, keep an eye on our #announcements category :wink:


Is it possible to force organization members to use 2FA?

Not at the moment @Damon_Hemmerdinger, but that’s hopefully something we can implement in the future!

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