Force/require the use of a Task template

It would be really useful, in quite a few of our projects, to have the ability to “force” or require the use of a specific Task template. For example, in a Bug Reports project, forcing a template that has preconfigured formatting in the Description and an assignment to our IT lead:

(disallow Blank task , only allow New Bug Report )

Hi @Casey_Dwyer :wave:

I agree that this would be a nice feature to have now that we can create task templates! One work-around that I can think of is using Forms instead of Task Templates. To do this you would create a Form in Asana that includes all of the required information for a Bug Report and then sharing the Form link with your users. You can also create a task in the Bug Tracking Project that contains the link to the form as well.

After creating the form you need to add everyone who submits a new bug report to the project and setting their permissions to “Can Comment”. This will not allow anyone except the IT lead to create a new bug report task but it will allow them to view the project and fill out the form. At that point if someone has a bug report, they can fill out the form and then it creates a new task in the project with all of the inputs from the form. Hopefully this helps you work around your issue until it’s integrated into Asana! For more information on creating and using Forms you can check this guide

Forms • Asana

and for more information on project permissions you can use this Guide

Create project owners and manage members | Product guide • Asana

Just let me know if you have any questions about my explanation or if anything is unclear.



Ahh, thanks Matt! I actually thought you had to be on Biz/Enterprise plans to get forms, but it looks like those are included on Premium. :+1: Will give it a go!

Oh I know where I got that. The “Default assignee” option is Business-only, and would really like all entries to be assigned to myself.