Forms: Ability to have questions trigger a task/subtask creation & option to share/manipulate at form level

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We are looking for the ability that when a box is checked on a form, it will automatically trigger a set of tasks or subtasks to be created.

For Example: If they “check” that they need a Poster asset, it will automatically create a set of subtasks like:

  1. Create first draft
  2. Send for feedback
  3. Revisions
  4. Final Approval

Also if a form is filled out and submitted the ability to Save out as a PDF and also manipulate it after it has been submitted.

We are looking for these features so that 1. We can easily share it with people outside Asana to get their final approval - think of it as a Comm’s Plan (I know we can invite them to the project but most of our clients don’t have any actionable tasks or need to see what we are working on) 2. The people filling out the form get a copy of what they filled out. 3. Editable so we don’t have to change the information in two places if there is an update.

If there are any ways around this, please let me know as I am a new user and trying to implement my teams processes into Asana.

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Hi @Cally_McIntyre,

So long as these features aren’t directly supported in Asana Forms, here are some ways around this, as you requested: lets you do a lot of automation and could help. Also Flowsana (search this Forum for posts from @Phil_Seeman) may be able to help.

Form submission creates an Asana task with all the info. You can print any Asana task as a PDF. (Plug: You can print a nicer page or PDF using Asana2Go Disclaimer: I’m the creator)

See above: Just modify the task resulting from the original form creation; values are in the Description.

Workflows like this are not trivial to implement; help is also available from and

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Thanks Larry for all the awesome information! Looking at your Asana2Go & Zapier, is the information it collects secure? As I work for a large company, I know I would have to get clearance from IT to use those.


@Cally_McIntyre, Thanks for the nice comments! I can’t speak to Zapier (you should look at their policies), but for Asana2Go, as a Chrome Extension it piggybacks on your Asana login so it doesn’t require separate permissions/authorization from you at all. The only server involved is the one that serves Chrome Extensions; none related to Asana2Go specifically. I don’t store any information, nor use it beyond the creation of the Asana2Go output page.

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Being able to populate subtasks from a form is really important. Without this functionality forms are worthless to our company.

We were told forms would be a solution to locking task templates (task template could be copied and the user can edit the copy, but the task template would remain locked). Unfortunately forms has not been a solution for this as our task templates have subtasks and we can’t populate them from forms.

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Agreed. This would be a HUGE asset for us, as well.

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FYI you can accomplish exactly this with my Flowsana integration. It has an If-Then Rule action of “add subtasks from a template”. If you want the same set of subtasks added for every form submission in the project, you can trigger that rule action with “If a new task is added” which will fire whenever a new form is submitted. Or for added flexibility, you could even have a different set of subtasks be added depending on a form field that you map to a custom field.

The above solution handles this as well - the template task containing the subtasks can reside in any project you choose. So you could restrict access to that project to only those users who you want to be able to edit the subtask template(s).

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I really like the idea of forms - I could use them to replace some projects but need them to attach a list of task or a subsequent form
eg a person raises a maintenance request (by a form) describing what’s wrong with the item, where it is and so on. When that submission becomes a task, it needs to have a number of subtasks attached - ie materials ordered, priorities, status and so on that other people can then action. Is there anyway of attaching the tasks to the submitted form automatically.

Hi @Sue_Milford and welcome to the forum!

It’s not currently possible in native Asana to automatically have a set of subtasks attached to a form submission. However, it is possible in my Flowsana integration - there is a rule action specifically built for this purpose. You can see more about it under “Add Subtasks from a Template” in this forum post.

You can use this “Create subtasks” rule action in conjunction with form submissions in several ways. In the simplest case, you can have the same set of subtasks created for every instance of a form’s submission by triggering the rule action on the condition of “When a new task is created”. You can also build a more flexible scenario where a different set of subtasks is added depending on a value the submitter selects in a form field; for example you could have different categories of maintenance requests, each of which generates a different set of subtasks to be created. You’d accomplish that by mapping the form field to a custom field, and then building a rule condition based on that custom field’s value.


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I’m merging this thread with an existing one requesting the same issue! I hope it’s OK!

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Thanks Phil!