Form: connected fields and tasks


I actually have two questions with Asana forms:

  1. If I connect a question to a field, all the pull-down selections as part of the field shows up in the question. Is there a way to hide certain items without editing the field? I want to be able to show certain selections pending the previous branch selected. For example, field A has 6 selections. I would like to limit it to 4 based on the previous field. I hope this makes sense.

  2. Once the submitted form creates the task, can I make it so it automatically assigns subtasks based on the task template or do I need flowsana or a different plugin to do this?



This is not possible.

Flowsana or equivalent to create the subtasks and assign them indeed.

Take care!

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Hi @Eric_Sung, feel free to create a post in the #productfeedback category if you would like to make a feature request for something you would like to see in Asana :slight_smile:

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