Automating and Pre-Populating Tasks via Asana Forms

By completing an Asana submission form, we’re looking to automate / pre-populate the matching task fields with information from the initial sheet. But nothing is syncing and we have to make manual entries. Can someone please advise how to automate pushing the information directly from the form to the task?

Hey Robin, to clarify have you connected your questions to the fields via forms with the “Connect to field” option on the questions?


Thanks for getting back to me, @Kasey_Nichols! Not sure if we’re seeing that option available within the form. Can you please advise?

I’ve attached a screenshot. When you are editing your form, and are clicked into the question (the view that’s allowing you to edit the question or answers), in the bottom right corner it will say “Connect to Field” and you can choose one of your custom fields. You’ll see mine is connected to my “Assigned Office” field. It doesn’t appear that this is limited to a certain pricing plan, but I can’t speak to that too much. If you’re not seeing that, it might be why

Custom Field Connection


This is great, @Kasey_Nichols! Thank you!

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