Can't connect form field to "Task name"

I hope I’m just missing something obvious… I’m setting up a form for a project and I want to have a field in the form that connects to the “Task name” field in the project. However, when I click on “Connect to field,” there’s no option to connect to the “Task name” field. I can’t create it as a custom field because it’s a default field. Surely there is a way to make a field in the intake form connect to the “Task name” field?

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Are you sure that „task name“ is a custom field in your case?

To select what from the form submission should show as the Asana task name you can define that under settings:

You can select either one field or more that will then form the task name.

Does that help?


Hi Andrea, I was hoping I had missed something obvious and I did, lol. I didn’t realize that the “Task name” field is set in the settings tab. Thank you very much!

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No worries, happens to all of us :wink:
Glad I was able to help.