Form Question Won't Retain Field Connection

Hi! I am attempting to utilize a form associated with my project to manage feature requests and feedback in my company’s community. I am attempting to associate the “Description of Feature Request” question (paragraph text type) with the corresponding task field in my project - “Task Description” (also paragraph text type. I have successfully been able to associate my other questions with different fields in my project, but for some reason it won’t retain my selection here. I’ve demonstrated this in my GIF below. Any troubleshooting ideas? This is my first time creating a form, so perhaps I am missing something obvious. Thanks :slight_smile:

part 1

Hi there,

I believe the “Task Description” that you’re choosing means the description box inside the task pane. If you’ve made a custom field called Task Description, then I’m unsure why it’s not showing up there, but there isn’t a default field called “Task Description”, that’s just referring to the big description box in the task pane.


I am having the same problem as the OP. I not have a custom field named “Task Description” in my project:

I have unchecked the “Copy all responses to task description” form setting:

But when I try to connect the Task Description question on the form to the Task Description field (which I assume is the built-in description on every Asana task), it won’t accept my selection (stays unselected):

help please?

meant to say “I do NOT have a custom field named…”