Forms - Few Questions

  1. With forms can you link a date field so it sets the due date on the task automatically?
  2. Can I have the Task name as a field form so it’s setup automatically

Right now, I get the completed form and the task pops up and I need to manually set the due date and name. I’m trying to avoid this step.


No, this isn’t currently possible.

Yes, this is possible! Create a single-line text question to represent the task name; then in the lower right “Settings” area, select that question as the task title.


Thank you

It doesn’t appear I can do the same thing for the due date. Is that correct?

Unfortunately that’s correct.

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Can you create multiple forms? Or is it that you can only create one form at a time? Thanks,

Hi @Dominique_Okonkwo and welcome to the forum!

Asana only supports one form per project.

If you’d like to add your vote for multiple forms per project, you can do that here:

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That’s what I thought. Not a great feature. I just voted. Thanks!

Hi @Adam_Sharrow,

News flash: this is now possible - you can now set a due date on a Form submission with Flowsana’s new Forms Support capability. You can have the date set relative to the date of the form submission, or relative to a date which the submitter selects in a form field - your choice!