Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

Multiple Forms per Project

Each of our projects have multiple things we could use a form for - only being able to do a single form for an entire project drops the utility of this tool from almost-immeasurable to cute-but-basically-useless. We would like to have different forms for entering notes during different kinds of meetings. A form for creative briefs at the start of the project. A form for gathering information from a client. A different form for gathering other kinds of information from the client at a different stage of the project. etc. There are dozens of ways forms could be used to cut-down labor and make asana more valuable to our workflow.

Absolutely agree, this is a must! I spoke to a sales rep this week who said if enough people request this, it might be developed and added. Multiple forms in one project would be a game changer.

Thank you!


Limiting us to 1 attachment per form is very limiting (haha). But seriously, there are times when we need people to upload a word doc, pictures of locations, photos of styles colors. It makes no sense to limit to 1 attachment.


Completely agree Francesco!

I agree.

We’re using forms as a ticketing system and we need to either be able to create multiple forms under one project or have conditional logic so that clients can submit different types of requests (each of which has follow up questions).


Hi @Stephanie_Acks and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us; Forms are very new and our team is very much looking forward to your feedback! We already have a #productfeedback thread on this specific topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread to gather all feedback and votes in one place; hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

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I agree. Multiple forms would be ideal. I’m grateful we have the ability to create forms but limiting it to 1 is not realistic; I currently have a need for at least 3 in one project and am struggling to decide how to best manage with just 1.

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Same issue for us. We’ve got multiple points in a project where we require critical info from the client. Can’t ask for it all up front, but only being to ask once is really limiting.

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If we can only create one form for each project, and it’s not in the roadmap unless there is a demand, why is the tab called, “forms”? The plural is misleading…


Totally agree!

Having the ability to submit different forms with different questions depending on the need of the submitter all into one project would be a huge game-changer.

Really hope developing this functionality is at the top of your list! Would open so many doors!

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This limitation is so frustrating. A great start and idea, but silly ultimately if you cannot add multiple forms or conditional logic. We REALLY need this feature.


Asana Forms requires email address to be entered at time of entry. The email address should be set the person who completed the form as a follower to the task. That way the person who submitted the form is automatically kept up to date with its progress.


I agree that projects should support multiple forms. Asana team, why would you not provide support for this? Having only one form limits possible uses cases. Using forms for an intake process on work request is nice but singularly focused. This is not a complex Dev ask, just an extension of an existing feature which would be helpful. Please listen to your community and add support for this soon.

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AGREED!! Currently training on using Google forms instead, but would have loved to begin implementing our workflow process through Asana directly. PLEASE BRING THIS ASAP! If there could be a way where a team can have a “Forms Bank” and within each project you can select which form from the bank to add the project, with the capacity for adding multiple forms to a project. #productfeedback

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YES please!! The Asana form is useless in it’s current “form” for us, as we use a Marketing Request ticketing system (and we get all sort of different requests, which require us to ask different follow up questions accordingly). Currently we are using Wufoo for forms (because we can add conditional logic), which then integrates with Asana using a Zapier integration. It works, but is very hard/time consuming to make any changes. As an enterprise customer, having the ability to do this all in Asana would make us a much “stickier” customer, and also opens possibilities for other departments in my company to join Asana. Currently though, this feature is disappointingly useless for our needs.

My team has recently started utilizing Asana as a resource for our employees to submit internal company requests. Being a builder, this allows our division managers to submit requests to Add/Remove/Change communities, homes, and floor plans to our digital department. However, with the limitation of only one form per project, this means we have multiple projects for something that could easily be condensed into one simple “Website Changes” Project. The ability to have multiple forms within one project would be extremely helpful.

Have a look at Allow to have multiple forms attached to the same project

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman, I’ve just gone ahead and merged this post with the existing thread!

I agree, or it should let you choose your Asana profile if you are already a member of the team