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Wait. What?

If the forum feedback drives dev resources focus on then we have some backlog to address…:sweat_smile:

Asana Feedback Requests Sorted by Vote

Requests with 500+ Votes Unresolved for Years

  • 1159 Votes/4 Years Old Assign multiple assignees to one task. Asana tasks a hard stance against this. They don’t believe we should manage projects this way. They also say on their home page copy that Asana users can “run workflows that work for you”. :thinking:
  • 758 Votes/3 Years Old Subtasks on the Timeline. Without this, subtasks are effectively useless. You can add them to projects, sure. But then you basically break your reports.
  • Unknown votes/4 Years Old Markdown Support: Asana tags this as feature launched but it’s not. They didn’t lunch markdown—they launched the laziest attempt at markdown I’ve ever seen from a SaaS company. My most liked post on here is one where I stated that the community wanted more than this half-baked attempt.
  • 625 Votes/4+ Years View all tasks across multiple organizations. I don’t work across multiple orgs, but I can imagine the frustration these folks endure.
  • 621 Votes/Almost 4 Years Old Custom fields in My Tasks. Maybe this is coming down the pipeline after their recent overall of My Tasks? :man_shrugging:t2:
  • 525 Votes/2+ Years Old Multiple Forms per Project.
  • 335 Votes/Almost 4 Years Old* Prevent Template Tasks from Appearing in My Tasks. The only work around here is to either mark the tasks complete in the template or don’t assign them from the template.
  • 267 Votes Expand/Collapse All Subtasks at Once. This one was so frustrated I developed a local Chrome extension to do it for me.

And the list goes on…