New updates available for Nested Portfolios!

Hi folks :wave:t2:

:rocket: I’m delighted to announce our team has started to roll out some Nested Portfolios fast follow updates.

With this new update, we’re adding 5 new features to Nested Portfolios:

  1. Portfolio breadcrumbs
  2. New table styles and wider columns
  3. Add projects to Portfolios from the project view
  4. Create a Portfolio while inside a Portfolio
  5. Show, hide, and re-order Custom Fields, Status, Progress, Date & Owner

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Portfolio breadcrumbs

Portfolio breadcrumbs give added context about where you are in your Portfolio tree by displaying the path to your current page. This update will also allow you to “go backwards” in your navigation history easily.

New table styles and wider columns

With the new table style, Portfolio data is laid out in a more organised way and is easier to scan while wider columns means custom field titles are now more clearly displayed and no longer truncated!

Add projects to Portfolios from the project view

You can easily add a project to a Portfolio directly from the project view so that you no longer have to go back to the Portfolio and remember the project name to do so!

Create a Portfolio while inside a Portfolio

You can now quickly create new projects and Portfolios from within a Portfolio, so that they go directly into the Portfolio you’re currently working in!

Show, hide, and re-order Custom Fields, Status, Progress, Date & Owner

We’re introducing the ability to show and hide fields, default and custom, from the Portfolio overview so that it only contains the information you need and not other distracting elements.

We hope you enjoy these new features, and we look forward to hearing what you think in the comments below! :slight_smile:


Great additions! Unfortunately, the breadcrumbs only exist if you clicked your way there, whereas if you arrive at a nested Portfolio via Asana’s Favorites feature, or a browser bookmark, the breadcrumbs don’t exist to show you hierarchal organization. Bummer! It’s so nice to be able to click into the “parent” folder.


Do the timeline and workload features work with nested portfolios yet?


You’re absolutely right, @jpl! This is something that our Product Team is aware of! Feedback like yours is so important in deciding our next updates so please continue to share! :slight_smile:

Timeline and Workload are not compatible with Nested Portfolios just yet, @Skyler! This is very popular feedback and our Product team are aware of this :slight_smile: I’ve just gone ahead and also submitted your vote for this internally.

Hopefully, this is something we can see our team implement for Nested Portfolios in the near future :slight_smile:


I was so hopeful this feature would have been added to this update but its still missing.
Could you add the option to click a project in a portfolio and move it from one portfolio
to the other?

For example: A project is in the “to be quoted” portfolio. Once quoted it needs to move to “open orders” or “completed quotes” etc.

This would be so helpful!

Very happy to see the 'Add projects to Portfolios from the project view" feature implemented! I wanted to suggest also that the opposite would be very useful, to be able to remove a project from a portfolio from the Project Details screen. The Related Portfolios are already listed. A “remove” button on hover would be great to have.

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Loving the enhanced features that continue to roll out! Also love that the feedback left in the forums is used to drive what the development team is working on so that the voices of the users are heard! Bravo Asana team!