Timeline - Schedule Subtasks

I’ve been an avid Instagantt user in conjunction with Asana for several months now. I was really excited for Timeline but I’m left underwhelmed.
Along with other feedback posted, a huge gap in proceeding with Timeline is the lack of ability to schedule (or even see!) Subtasks.
The ability to schedule subtasks is key the the ability to properly manage a project, as those “little” things add up and can impact the whole schedule. Without this feature, we can’t even begin to use Timeline.
Our current workaround…continue to use Instagantt while Asana Timeline further improves.


In agreement. I really like the Timeline / Gantt Chart feature, but without the ability to utilize Subtasks, I’ve had to completely restructure our projects and drag and drop each of the Subtasks to become Tasks so they’ll show up on the timeline…
Please, developers, bring this feature online immediately, as it’s otherwise making more work for us who already appreciate and utilize the great features of Asana’s subtask organization.


The more and more I use Asana, the less and less I use subtasks… They just don’t jive with the rest of the product. They don’t display their project badges in the My Tasks view, and I find this really irritating. I try to avoid subs wherever I can.


Nevertheless you need them sometimes. And when you need them you have to see them. So why not making Tasks in the Timeline unfoldable, so you can see the Subtasks underneath the Task if you want?


The ability to accordion the sub-tasks would be great. I understand the clutter sub-tasks could create, but if you have the ability to expand, or close sub-tasks, that would all drill-down.

Very odd to see the timeline with a task that is dependent on a sub-task but that is not visualized.


You can get around this by adding subtasks to the project itself. They will appear on the timeline and will also appear nicely nested under the master task.


Dear Nicole, when you talk about adding subtasks to the project itself, you may say like a task? or there is another way to do that

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Any update on this topic? It would be very cool if we can see sub-task in the time line.
Thank you

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I believe she is referring to the section in this article Subtasks & Project Association: How to Use Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Although this is an okay workaround it is not ideal long-term and requires a lot of up keep and extra work. Please, Asana—let’s add this feature!


Same here, we need a way to see these task hierarchy on the timeline

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I’ve seen other users asking the same thing as well.
Just try using timeline not long ago and already felt the need of seeing subtasks in timeline and how easier it will be to manage multiple tasks within a project much easier.

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I have reviewed the adding subtasks to a project option, but this then makes the projects a task, and removes the values of having them nested below a master task. I can understand the value of having subtasks not necessarily showing on the timeline, but there needs to be a way to show them on the timeline if required.


Please add custom fields (particularly estimated number of hours) to subtasks. Even when I am using instagantt - I can’t add the estimated hours into subtasks.


Please add TIMELINE to individual contributor view too. being able to view “my tasks” or “john’s tasks” in time line view would be really helpful.


Timeline… It is unesscessary feature without subtasks!

Dear Asana, maybe I need create a new project for every task, and if task in that project must be divided to subtask I need to create a new project once again… (((( Crap


One more thing. I want to view all subtasks in all projects that main task belongs to, and sure I dont want add all subtasks to all projects - it is just stupid.

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Agreed - timeline is almost useless without the ability to view subtasks. By adding subtasks to the project I clutter up list view and it removes the ability to take a high-level view of the project and categorize tasks. I’m working with a large number of projects with a large number of smaller-sized deliverables for different team members and I need to use subtasks to make the information useful to higher ups. Please fix ASAP as it will affect my desire to purchase Asana.


I use a separate “milestone” project to analyze multiple projects at a higher “executive” type view. Then I multihome milestone tasks in each project to the Milestone project. Maybe that would help with the clutter you’re experiencing ?


Can you eleborate on how you do this please? I have the same problem

Would love to have a “+” on a parent task on timeline and then when clicked, it would then show subtasks in timeline. Click again to collapse for a simple view (no subtasks).

Basic “tree structure” user interface but in timeline view. :slight_smile: