Getting sub tasks onto timeline


I need to show all tasks and sub tasks on time line. I’m I better to just have my sub tasks as Tasks
eg of current hierarchy being used:
PROJECT; Water Use Efficiency
TASK: Field Day
Section: Pre-planning
Subtask: Get quotes and confirm field day venue
Section: Implementation
Subtask: Deliver Field Day
Section: Reporting and Evaluation
Subtask: Collate evaluation and include in final report

I know I can use Tab-P in subtask and assign to project, but it just puts it back across in the Task View, so am I better off just putting the sub task in as a Task in the first place??


If you want to use subtasks, at this time, you may have to live with some unwanted behavior like what you mention here.

There is a topic where you can vote for adding subtasks to timelines.

There are many users that use subtasks. But I personally find they currently come with more cons than pros.

I recommend you search the forum for subtasks and you will find a number of conversations on the subject and decide for yourself the best way to organize your Projects.