Subtasks and viewing in Lists and/or Timelines

I’m wondering if there is a way to expose/show subtasks in List view or as part of a Timeline? The idea being able to see dates to those subtasks as well as how many per task.


Hi @Paul_Gordon and welcome to the Forum!

Because subtasks don’t currently inherit their parent tasks project, they do not not show up on your timeline, unless you manually add them to the Project using the Tab+P shortcut. You can learn more about this in the following guide article:

The best advice I can give you is to add your subtasks to their parent task project using the TAB+P shortcut > once you do this, subtasks will show on your Timeline (providing they have a due date). But by doing this, subtasks will also show in your task list; so to avoid any confusion, I’d recommend creating a Section call subtasks and nest all your subtasks under this section so they don’t bother you in your tasks list view.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Marie, the steps worked but would be great to see the connection between Tasks and Subtasks made more efficient one day, would save the extra steps and less manual. (as once associated together you then have to move the Subtask under the Task in list view and so they are together in Timeline.
Thanks again.


I suggest to use Instagantt as it’s more capable of handling Gantt charts with Asana than the “timeline view” … :expressionless:

I bough a subscription of Asana just to get access to “Timeline” but since it’s so brief it rarely helps. It’d be so easy if going into timeline and klick an “arrow” to get a dropdownlist to see the subtasks and dates related to them, just as you do on a task in list view.