Timeline - Schedule Subtasks



As with everyone else on this thread, I’m very interested in better utilization of the Subtasks feature in Asana. would be good to have the “+” to make it evident when there are Subtask added to Tasks, and they NEED to be included on the Timeline feature.


We also have a strong need to be able to display subtasks in the timeline for making dependencies and timing apparent without cluttering up the list view for the master tasks.


New user (evaluator) here looking for a pm tool for 100+ employee company. I thought Asana was it, but the lack of this feature (and the poor workaround) is making the tool over complicated and adding confusion for my employees. This is a no-brainer no matter how many or few votes there are for this topic.


Yes, the lack of the this feature is making Timelines useless. What’s the point of making subtasks, when there is no way (or a hard way) of listing them anywhere. This is a huge downside and letdown… I’ve started using Instagantt as an addition to Asana and it works fine for me, but I don’t want to make everyone understand the whole new application in order to see the ganttchart and task hierarchy.