New! You can now add Portfolios to Portfolios—create infinite layers of organization

Hey Asana Community!

I’m Ben, a Product Marketing Manager at Asana. I know many of you love using Portfolios to organize and navigate between your projects, as well as get a high level overview of how different tracks of work are progressing. That’s why I’m so excited to announce our latest development with Portfolios: you can now add Portfolios to your Portfolios!

That’s right! Now when you use Portfolios, you can add both projects and Portfolios, allowing you to create multiple layers of organization and creating a structure that works best for your team. Whether you’re part of a matrixed, hierarchical, or flat organization, Portfolios now give you the ability to create infinite layers of team folders, marketing initiatives, geographic campaigns, clients, or any other way your team organizes work.

When projects and Portfolios live side by side, you can create custom views that give you the high level overview of any slice of work. Not using Portfolios yet? Upgrade to Business to take advantage of this functionality.

To learn more about this awesome new feature, check out our updated Asana Guide article. As always, we love hearing feedback from you, so comment below on what you’re excited about and how you plan to use this new functionality to better organize your work in Asana!


We are getting closer to the vision Asana shared in a video couple of years ago :slight_smile:


Thanks @Ben_Watkins , would be great to see some examples to give us ideas for this feature. Can you or others share?

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There are a few features holding portfolios back from being super easy to use. We would love to see these implemented.

  • When creating an new project having the option to add it to a portfolio from the creation level
  • The ability to click a project inside a portfolio and move it from one to another - for example:
    • we have portfolio for quotes then once quoted we move them to quote follow ups and then to open orders. To do this we must manually remove it and then reassign it to the other portfolio which is time consuming.



Also - I like the new feature allowing you to to create a project from inside the portfolio although it does not give you the ability to use a template so that makes it unusable for us.

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YES YES YES!!! +100

Are you thinking maybe the ability to edit the portfolio a project is associated with directly from the new Overview tab? I think that would be a nice add! :wink:

I’m sure that would be nice but adding it to a portfolio at time of project creation frees up an extra step. :grin:

to be more specific on changing an associated project it would be great when in the project list view be able to right click a project and move to another project and or simply remove from project :hugs:

Yep, I agreed with this suggestion. The 2nd suggestion I saw as useful when a project needed to be removed from one portfolio to another! :blush:

Sorry @Leigh_ann I’m not following this. Are you talking about moving tasks between projects or projects between portfolios?

Adding projects to portfolios at time of creation from a template and also the option to move a project from one portfolio to another.

For example while I am in my quotes portfolio I can click the project and move it to the follow up portfolio. Kind of how you can add a task to multiple projects. I need to add a project to one or more portfolios :wink:

Thanks for clarifying @Leigh_ann. I’m tracking now!

@Youssef please find a couple of use cases below:

Organize work

When new projects or Portfolios that are relevant to you are created, you can organize them in a way that reflects organizational perspectives, so that it’s easy to navigate it, monitor it, and communicate its health to stakeholders.

Navigate work

When you need an overview of a specific slice of work, you can navigate to it by following an intuitive path that reflects how our teams organize work, so that you spend your time monitoring and communicating work instead of trying to find it.

Monitor the health of work

When you review the health of a work slice you’re responsible for, you can get a flexible, customized overview that provides you with an intuitive high-level summary of the aspects you‘re interested in, so that you know that nothing is falling through the cracks and can focus on making the most impact.

Communicate the health of work

When you report to your stakeholders, you can provide a flexible, customized overview that reflects the perspective of those stakeholders, so that you can review the health of work from their own point of view.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Great requests, @Leigh_ann! thanks for sharing your feedback with us! :raised_hands: I’ll share all these requests with our product team so we can consider them in future updates!

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While Portfolios are getting some love from the Dev Team, please consider prioritizing this feature request from 2 years ago. I believe it would simplify the Porfolio workflow for many longtime users. Add a project to a portfolio, while I’m in the project itself - Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

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Was excited about the nested portfolios until I saw that the product team failed to deliver on this — which effectively renders this new feature useless.

Timeline and Workload view

Portfolios that contain Portfolios will have disabled Timeline and Workload tabs. This can be undone by removing all Portfolios in the Portfolio.


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