Add Portfolios to Portfolios

Can we put portfolios in portfolios?

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Hi @Jennifer_Gonzalez1 and welcome to the forum!

No, sorry, it’s not possible to nest portfolios inside other portfolios.

Is there a way to put multiple portfolios in one location?

Not really; there’s no way to segregate them into groups, which I think is what you’re wanting. There’s some indication in Asana’s vision video that there may be additional hierarchical levels coming, but it’s not really clear (and no telling when that might arrive if it does).

The only thing I’m aware that you can do with organizing portfolios is put them into your Favorites like you can with projects; but I don’t think that helps much with your question.

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Phil thanks for answering. I’m surprised that it’s not a possibility. It seems pretty simple. But, at least I have an answer

So if you had Portfolio A with project A1 and A2 and Portfolio B with B1 and B2, you would like Portfolio 3 with A1-A2-B1-B2? If yes, then you can do it by hand until Asana act on their vision to have some higher level grouping :slight_smile:

Thank you so how do I put Portfolio A inside Porfolio 3?

You can’t, my point is you need to manually create Portfolio 3 with all the projects from A&B. This is a manual workaround :sweat_smile:

Ok, thanks. My problem is that I will have 115 projects and was hoping to put them in 15 portfolios and have that in one section. :slight_smile: Asana needs to find a solution for this one.

The Asana API allows you to create and manage portfolios, so you can get someone (like me) to build such a tool. I believe it can be fairly easy. I’ll get in touch in private message.

Hi all, I’m glad to announce that is now possible to add Portfolios to Portfolios! See more details in our announcement here:

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback! :slight_smile:

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