PORTFOLIO - Adding projects (various methods)

Adding projects to portfolios by searching is an extremely inefficient way of adding projects. There should be multiple ways of adding projects to portfolios:

  1. If I’m on a project, I should be able to push that project to any portfolio by selecting from a list of portfolios.
  2. If I’m on my task list, and I click on a task, I should be able to add that task’s project to a portfolio.
  3. I should be able to push all projects from a team to a portfolio. Even better, I should be able to select each project from that team, by selecting check boxes, or something like that.
  4. Same with owners, I should be able to make a portfolio by selecting “owner” and then selecting which projects from that owner go into the portfolio.
  5. Should be able to push projects based on their custom field. This could be done automatic and be dynamic, so if the field says “portfolio” it gets pushed, and if it doesn’t, it’s removed. But I also think it could work like the lists I mentioned above. So you select the ones I want that all have portfolio set as their custom field.

Asana builds too many things that have to be done by brute force, and it requires too much time on my part. And we can’t leverage the API every time we need to accomplish something.

The lists that we choose from should be able to be sorted and filtered by various things.

I totally agree! Another example would be set a default portfolio for a template, so that when I create a new project based on the template it’s automatically added to a portfolio.


Has this been improved or has someone found a workaround? I’m running a trial of Business and need to add over 50 projects to a Portfolio…do I really have to do this by searching one at a time?? That’s insane.

Agree with the comment above about everything being “brute forced” in Asana…just one more reason we haven’t upgraded…and this trial is not proving why we should