Custom Fields in My Tasks

Is there a way show custom fields in the “My Tasks” section? When I’m looking at my tasks, sometimes the task is overdue, but it’d be good to be able to see the custom fields that say it is in review in the My Tasks section to know it is overdue but waiting on the client.

Is this currently possible? If not, is it coming?


Hi Josh,
Thanks for asking! At this time, custom fields do not appear in My Tasks, presumably because many tasks with many custom fields would create a cluttered user experience. However, it’s very helpful to know you’re interested in something like this. Thank you for your feedback! Our product team will keep it in mind.


I think the best approach would be to treat Custom Fields in My Tasks the same way as with any other project. I use custom fields for tasks I share across multiple projects. Only custom fields that become visible are the Custom Fields I explicitly add to the each project. If tasks happen to already have that custom field it will get displayed with its current value.

Ideally we should be able to do the same with My Tasks. By default it does not display any custom fields but by adding a custom field, it will display the current value. And we should also be able to sort through that custom field just with other projects.


That would be awesome, @Yiotis_Katsambas. @Alexis this would work perfectly. Any chance you can run it up the flagpole?


It’s been noted!

FYI this is how we capture your product feedback in the Community :slight_smile:


I definitely support your idea !


This would be very useful. Maybe these my past Jira habits shining through but I would really like to see the priority and status custom fields of each ticket in My Tasks so I can organize and complete accordingly.


I would love to see custom fields in my tasks…as we assign points to tasks as part of our SCRUM tracking process. 1 point takes half a day, 2 points an entire day…I would love to see my tasks with the custom field displayed.


We also really need custom fields showing up in “My Tasks”, and just like @Yiotis_Katsambas suggests, each user should be able to choose which custom fields show up in “My tasks” for them (just like its done for projects) to avoid the clutter that you mention, @Alexis



Yiotis Katsambas


Don’t forget to vote, folks!


We could definitely use this feature.


Yes, please!!! This would be really helpful.


BTW… for anyone interested, I faked this feature using a custom script. Each user gets a project matching their username. The script runs every 5 minutes and adds all the tasks assigned to me to this project while maintaining the connection to the original project. This way we get all the benefits of a standard project but it only contains my tasks…

We get custom fields, and custom sort methods. As a workaround, it works great.


Hi Yiotis!

Thanks for sharing! That sounds interesting.

But to be sure: When using this script users gain the benefits of project
name labels showing up, custom fields and custom sort methods, but they
lose the feature of tasks advancing from “Later” to “Upcoming” when due
date is 7 days a week as well as advancing from “Upcoming” to “Today”,


This would be very useful. I don’t even need to update the fields because I can update them from within the task. So just display them somehow would be very good already.

100% agree with this suggestion and the implementation @Yiotis_Katsambas mentioned. Voted.

I signed up for Asana Premium specifically to get this happening, because our team members primarily use Asana through My Tasks. If they cannot see the custom fields there the feature is almost pointless to us, but if they could see and sort by custom fields in My Tasks it would be extremely useful for our team!!!


@Yiotis_Katsambas - never used a custom script, but is that something you could share? We also use points as a custom field and really need to see [only] that one in the “My tasks” view.

Upvote please

Was googling to see if I could do exactly this and apparently others need this feature too! In the settings for the custom field, maybe you could select which ones the user would like to see in the task list. Thanks for consideration!