Help Setting Up First Account

Hey guys.

I need your help. I am setting up Asana for my small team of 7. We are a branding/marketing company that focuses on helping companies connect with their audience and grow their business. We do a lot of planning then building, apps and websites, and then launching the new venture into existence.

I currently am using the GTD framework and have projects for Working On, Waiting On, What’s Next, Scheduled, and Someday among a few others.

I am trying to decide between Everhour and Harvest for our time tracker. We are coming from as a full fledged solution. I like Everhour for the integration, but harvest seems, well simplistic.

So two questions for you guys.

  1. is Everhour better or Harvest in your experience?
  2. I noticed that if set up projects as Working On, Waiting On, What’s Next then the my task view just has tasks with projects that don’t actually relate to X Client.

I am using sections on the working on board to separate out clients and then a custom field status and rules to move to projects based on status. I am realizing I wish My Task view could show me the priority as I give my subcontractorS Priority 1-5 for their tasks. I can’t even see the priority in my tasks View. All I see is the project “working on” and then possibly an Everhour timet if they are using that.

So to recap

  1. Everhour or Harvest and Why?
  2. With my project setup did I basically make the My Tasm view useless? Coming from (not enjoying it) and loving OmniFocus before that I was excited for the Today, Upcoming, and Later view but now I feel like they are wasted. What can I improve?

Any and all feedback is welcome!

Happy Friday @Derek_Kelly :wave:t5:

Please have look at the following thread: Do you track your time?
You might find some of the answers provided useful!

Regarding your My Task view, it is currently not possible to view Custom Fields from your My Task.
This is a very popular request in the Forum: Custom Fields in My Tasks. You might want to cast your vote to it.

Please have a look at this post Custom Fields in My Tasks - #151 by lpb. It might help in the meantime.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with Derek! Have a great weekend!

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