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Hi! I was wondering if I can get some help / feedback / ideas / strategies etc for a process that I’m currently working on… I’d love to hear how others were able to accomplish this issue!

To give a bit of a background, our team has been struggling with team member workload/capacity per day which in turn affects the timeline we originally set for projects (aka being unable to meet initial client expectations on when projects will be in their hands for review).

Currently, I am working towards using the workload feature in portfolios. I think this is a great concept and I think it has the ability to be a powerful tool for us, BUT I’ve hit some bumps in the road that have proven it to lack the feature I need most - Being able to put “effort” on subtasks which we utilize frequently in our templates.

I have put a lot of time into this project, calculating the time each task (utilizing the Harvest app integration data that we’ve collected over the past 8 months to calculate the accurate time each task will take on average.) I wanted to then plug these numbers into our templates and all current projects to be able to see the workload scheduled for all employees BUT the issue I’ve run into is not being able to add these times to each subtask. The workload feature only focuses on main tasks.

How have you be able to calculate employee workload/capacity while still using subtasks?

For Asana team members, do you have any insight as to when/if subtasks will be added to workload and when/if custom fields can be added to these subtasks as well?

Thanks in advance!



You can know who is busy, (many assigned tasks makes anyone busy) but you cannot tell for how long, and cannot tell are these task if important

I have 12 assistance, they have assigned tasks, and only 5 of them are sharing the tasks, I have top urgent tasks to do, I cannot know where to be assigned, I do not want to assign these tasks to someone who will be extreme busy in two days, or I do not want to assign them to someone is full with important tasks (low number of important tasks).

In others words there is no task weight! so this feature is not working for us.

To assign or to share a task I have to know the weighted current ongoing tasks to fit the new ones at the workloads… as big boss lol

Hoping this will give a clue

I just came across this forum thread and thought I would note that a task weight (called “effort”) is now available; for details, see:

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