Workload - Introduce the ability to give different weight to tasks


I love the idea of the workload add-on, and since my agency is deeply ingrained in the Asana platform, I was excited to implement. Upon further review, I saw that essentially “all tasks are created the same” as far as their impact on a resource schedule. If I have 1 task that will take 16 hours, I want to see that 1 task fill two days of capacity, where as right now it will just look like that person has plenty of open time over those two days. This unfortunately is preventing me from signing us up for this tool.

When might an actual workload/task level of effort capability be included in this feature? If that is done well and soon, we will definitely be adding Workload to our mix!

Thank you

From what I know a task weight is indeed on the roadmap

Agree. Not useful without weight.
Also- need to be able to sort or filter both by person and by project.

@Matthew_Taylor1, See this post to sign up for the beta of effort-based Workload:



Hi folks and thanks @Matthew_Taylor1 for raising this question!

Like @Bastien_Siebman already mentioned, our Team is already working on implementing different weight for task in Workload. While I don’t have a precise Timeline to share just yet, we’re hoping to launch this new feature later this summer.

And if you want to have early access to these new options, you can sign up for our Beta here!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


We use a number of different ways of weighting tasks such as percentage of time available, hours per day, total hours over a period of time and points for larger scale sprint based projects.

Do you know the plans for tackling the weighting of tasks in workload?

These are definitely options we’re looking at, but I’ll make sure to loop you in when I have more precise information @Josh_Noble :slight_smile:

Hi @Marie, what’s the update on timing for this? It shows as available in the AsanaGuide here, but it’s not available in my instance. We are trialing Business namely for this feature and would love to demonstrate it’s potential value to my team! Thanks!

@Marie do you have any update on the weighting of tasks in workload? I’d especially like to be able to set effort based on a percentage of someone’s capacity eg 50% over 2 weeks.

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This is exactly what my team needs. Someone is assigned to a project at 50% until it’s done, whether that is 2 weeks, 5 weeks, or 10 weeks. The current solution requires a lot of quick math calculations, and then if the project extends by a week, needs to be recalculated.

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can’t you use the existing possibility to use a custom field instead of the task number to count workload?

We are currently using the custom effort field for hours. 1 week = 40, 2 weeks = 80, 3 weeks = 120, etc.

We tend to allocate people by percentage time over a duration. In tools like 10,000 ft, I can say “Manisha is 75% dedicated to Project A for 2 weeks.” If the project extends beyond the 2 weeks, I update the end date and the allocation continues.

In Asana, the effort is fixed. To allocate someone at 75% for 2 weeks I need to calculate 80*.75 = 60. Then, if I change the end date to be 3 weeks, it drops the allocation down to 20 hours/wk, or 50% of time, so I have to re-calculate and re-enter the new effort.

Hi all.
@Josh_Noble we need the same functionality
@Marie, any updates on this feature?

We are also interested in the exact same enhancement. Without this, very tough to use the workload feature.

@Marie Any updates on this? Workload’s pretty unusable for us when we have to assume steady workload throughout an entire project. We’re hoping for variable hours over time without having to assign hours to every single task, but weighting would at least be a step in the right direction.

Hi @Avory_Faucette, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback! I’m afraid we don’t have updates to share at the moment but we will make sure to post any updates as soon as we have them!