Workload feature ideas

Loving the new Workload product so far and have a few ideas that may or may not be in the works already:

  • Ability to lasso multiple tasks at once to move them (like in Timeline)
  • When a task is complete, remove its representation from the capacity trendline.
  • Instead of using the due date range to see someones capacity trendline, add a “time worked on” feature so the task can show both how long it takes a person to complete it without loosing the original due date. Then have the ability to see a tasks due date as a point on in the Workload lane with a dependency style line connected to the task so a user can see how far they can move the task in their lane without going over the original due date.

Just a few ideas for ya. Keep up the great work Asana team!

Brian - is the Workload product their new resource management? Is it Beta or is it released yet?

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It is and it’s officially live to 100% to the Business & Enterprise levels of Asana as of a few days ago.


Hi @Brian_Massey and thank you so much for taking some time to share your first Workload feedback with us! Our Team is already thinking of the Workload V2 and this type is super useful!

With that said, please try to keep one feedback only per thread, so other members interested in one particular feedback can vote for this particular feedback as opposed to voting for all by default. It’s also a lot easier for our Product team to collect feedback from the Forum, and for us Community Manager to follow-up on! I’ve gone ahead and split your feedback in 3 different threads:

Feel free to make any adjustments you need to, and of course, if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

Have a great Tuesday!