Workload - Implement a “time worked on”

Instead of using the due date range to see someones capacity trendline, add a “time worked on” feature so the task can show both how long it takes a person to complete it without loosing the original due date. Then have the ability to see a tasks due date as a point on in the Workload lane with a dependency style line connected to the task so a user can see how far they can move the task in their lane without going over the original due date.

Agreed. This feature will have very limited functionality for our team without the ability to “weight” tasks in some capacity, and we will continue to rely on Reports for Workload reporting. A simple start for weighting could include using the Asana Created Custom Field titled “Estimated Work” (or a variation of it.) Based on the “Estimated Work” category, the task could be weighted 2x,3x,4x,5x based on Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

Eventually, I agree with @Brian_Massey that a numeric calculation would very helpful for us. Even utilizing an integration with Harvest or Everhour.

I just came across this forum thread and thought I would note that this feature is now available; for details, see:

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